How to increase the eyes visually

Make-up to increase eyes step by step

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April 18, 11:17

Как увеличить глаза визуально

As visually enlarge the eyes makeup for small eyes

Wide view and puppet flapping eyelashes – what woman has not dreamed about this? But nature has given man the unique contours of the face – narrow eyes, drooping eyelids and closed eyes. In this article Today.Lifestyle will tell you how to cheat thanks to the above in make-up, making his look more languid and open.

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Remove dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under the eyes reduces eyes and give the look an unhealthy appearance. Some women is a manifestation of fatigue, and other chronic diseases. But there is a solution – concealer! The remedy is the rescue in such cases. Just pick up the concealer in your skin tone and apply evenly under the eye. This is the first step towards your transformation.

White pencil – must have in the purse

White pencil move the inner contour of the lower eyelid. This is another trick, how to increase eye. To all, summed up the white eye pencil will look more fresh.

Как увеличить глаза визуально

Draw the lower eye lid with white pencil

If you have tanned skin, it is better to choose pencil soft pink colors to the makeup look as natural as possible and without unnecessary accents.

Prolonged eyes using arrows and shadows

For evening makeup you can draw arrows that visually enlarge the eyes. Only the arrow should be thin and the middle of the eye, and the tail short and thick to the edge. The effect of the gaze of the predator are always relevant and help the situation.

Как увеличить глаза визуально

Draw arrows to increase eye

As for the shadow, make-up to increase the eye, use a combination of shadows of different level of saturation. Dark shadows is best applied to the eyelid, namely on the outer corner of the eye. Apply a light shade on the center.

How to make eyes wider with eyebrows?

Neatly trimmed and plucked eyebrows also affect the overall image makeup. It’s a small detail, without which it is impossible to achieve maximum results. Remove hairs mostly from the eyes, not the forehead.

Как увеличить глаза визуально

What is above the eyebrow, the more open it seems to look. But it is important not to overdo it.

Learning how to apply mascara

Yes, with the ink many of the fair sex issues. Not everyone knows that the too abundant application of mascara to the eyes burden the look, and looks messy. So, before you put eyelashes make a Perm special tweezers for a more open look. Then use the carcasses begin to pull the lashes from root to tip, lightly twisting them and creating a beautiful curve.

It is best to apply the mascara repeatedly, then dividing the glued lashes brush. Lower lashes can not be tinted.

More details about how to increase eye with makeup, see the video:

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