How to learn public speaking: tips Ukrainian stars

Olga Sumska, Anatoliy Anatolich and Monroe share their experiences

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Olga Sumska, Anatoliy Anatolich, Natalka and Monroe in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” on TV channel “Ukraine” gave advice on how to learn public speeches, to make his pronunciation correct and clear.

To speak so that you understood and heard – the art! The star gave advice, after which everyone will zambeze like a Nightingale.

The leader of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Anatoliy Anatolich remembers, as a schoolboy froze before going on stage.

Как научиться ораторству: советы украинских звезд

Anatoliy Anatolich

“I actually failed the class because he heard someone behind said: “Oh, now this small will again perform, their all stupid. And the conclusion that I did after this is: first, to prove that I can, you have to go on stage, and secondly, you should not listen to what others say” – said a leading Anatoliy Anatolich the TV channel “Ukraine”.

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Even a movie star, Olga Sumy the first interview, as I remember, so tremble.

“I was very nervous, thinking what to say, besides voice slightly shaking, and his hands, too – didn’t know what to do and what to stay”, – recalls with a smile the actress Olga Sumska.

Listen to those who have something to say. The stars insist on an important point: “it is Necessary: first, to read, and second, to communicate live. Pick people who won’t “jiving” and each time to fix. It doesn’t have to be a dispute because the dispute involves only idiots and arguing nothing! It needs to be a discussion!” – advises transvestite diva Monroe in the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Как научиться ораторству: советы украинских звезд


Anatoliy Anatolich shocking confession. It turned out, a long time well-known presenter did not speak in the Ukrainian language.

“Up to 25 years, I do not speak Ukrainian, and in order to learn the language, I started to read a lot. So now all the books that fall into my hands only in the Ukrainian language, – shared the leading. – By the way, homemade holidays is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate their public speaking skills, or, for example, seeing a loved one at work, to surprise inspirational speech.”

It is equally important to be heard and sometimes it is necessary to perceive literally!

“I always say loudly, because I’m a very active person and emotions always prevail! So do not listen to me – just impossible!” laughing, says Svetlana Tarabarova.

Как научиться ораторству: советы украинских звезд

Svetlana Tarabarova

So the habit to speak in a whisper it is necessary to leave in the past. The stars shared their life hacking, how to learn public speeches.

“Share your own life hack – if you want your text was perceived, add some emotional stress or simply charm smile” – shared Natalka Karpa live “Ranok z with Ukraine”.

Olga Sumskaya is also gives interesting advice.

“It is necessary to recall the events, be sure to add some nuances – people love it!” – says Olga Sumska.

Как научиться ораторству: советы украинских звезд

Olga Sumskaya

And finally, effective morning exercise for those who want to speak clearly.

“It’s very simple! It is necessary to repeat the French word “au revoir”, clearly articulating all the muscles. This is a common, universal exercise”, says Anatoliy Anatolich.

Also more details in our article you will learn how to overcome his fear of public speaking and develop public speaking.

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