How to look like a million dollars without spending a penny: tips fashion expert

Как выглядеть на миллион долларов, не потратив ни копейки: советы фэшн-эксперта

On the Internet you can find thousands of publications about what clothes urgently need to get rid of. But almost no tips, what clothes should not be thrown away under any circumstances. But, it turns out that some old things can be easily turned into a trend and look at them a million dollars, no worse than Hollywood stars! About how to do it, “the FACTS,” said the Ukrainian fashion expert Irina Bailey.

— People always want to look fresh, modern, and hence their desire to buy new things, — says Irina Bailey. — However, the concept of fashion, I think, has outlived its usefulness. Now looks those who have imagination and courage.

And the one who follows trends?

— A trend is a current short-term direction in fashion design. For example, the trend can be any color. But enough movie star to go out in a dress of a different hue, as the trend has become it. The world today is very dynamic, it is changing rapidly. A few years ago, the notion of “fast fashion”, that is, a rapid fashion. Many brands update the range a few times a season. It turns out to be a trend, you need all the time to replenish your wardrobe. So consumers bought a lot of quality items from brands that copy ideas from leading fashion Houses, is poor. As a rule, good form, they retain up to the first or second wash…

People again have to go to the store?

— Yes, again and again. That is why the society got a lot of enemies fast fashion. They are sounding the alarm that the overproduction of clothes and other things, contributes to environmental pollution. And urge to buy clothes in smaller quantities but better quality that will last longer. Besides, there are brands that buying clothes and create on its basis their new collections. I think that is very cool!

— What parameters are measured?

— First of all, pay attention to fabric composition. The more natural it is, the more pleasant to wear. Look at the stitching of the seams — they should be smooth. Flared things should not lose its original shape. Try to pull the fabric will become more obvious.

But sometimes thing can be so annoying that, despite the high quality, wearing it do not want.

— Then after a while it is possible to give a second life. For example, to make the dress shorter or turn it into a costume. You can transform the thing with beads, beads, braid… And if a dress is worn at all, you may still serve it a beautiful finish. Fight back and its tab, for example, on a t-shirt or denim jacket. In the leather belt cut the preserved part of the buckle. Try on your hand and see you a stylish bracelet that is the perfect accompaniment with a light flying dress.

For example, I have a turtleneck sweater with a very unusual sleeves. The thing itself is worn, but the sleeves were in perfect condition. I think that when some asks in the Studio to unpick and something to decorate them.

— The idea is wonderful. And you can make the sleeves removable, they will look spectacular with a denim vest. Another idea: turn them into leg warmers to be worn with sneakers.

— How to give a second life guipure sleeves?

— Make the cuffs and wear with shirts. It is so beautiful! But if, for example, a vintage dress from my grandmother’s trunk remained only one sleeve, can prioraty it and make a jabot with a brooch. Now it is very important.

Как выглядеть на миллион долларов, не потратив ни копейки: советы фэшн-эксперта
* Irene Bailey: “Now look stylish-those who have the imagination and courage”

— A friend of mine a natural fur coat, which dried them fur at the cuffs, covered in the winter in the garage the potatoes. And another of several old mink hats father made a number of designer key chains to sell for the amount of the proceeds was able to buy a gorgeous boa from Fox.

— From the fur to make a vest or pillow that will beautify your interior. Also the fur can decorate the hood of a jacket or coat. Personally, I did, clapboard hood with Fox, and now I’m not afraid of any frost or snowstorm. Very beautiful and mittens decorated with fur.

— And how to deal with a loved coat that was not enough?

— You can wear it unbuttoned. And, for example, decorate the collar of a variety of brooches.

— It is always difficult to part with your favorite jeans. If it’s time to throw away, but want to put at least one more.

— With your favorite jeans do not leave. If they were worn at the top, cut off the legs and wear like leggings with sneakers or ballet flats. It looks like a stylized summer boots. Of favorite jeans, you can make and bag. If they have a hole, make it more, pull the thread and be in trend!

— And if you put the stain and remove it does not work?

— Fill it with paint, put in different places, several of these spots or write something on the problem. Will look like a Hollywood star for a million dollars!

— Whether to throw away stretched out your favorite sweater?

— It is possible to cut off the gate (pre-stitched it to bloom), and then sew the thing on a t-shirt that can be worn under a Jean jacket. Diversified one combination look very stylish. Another option — dissolve the sweater, for example, on the sleeves. Such negligence will give your image a special charm. Very nice to look at a sweater with a flying dress, or with denim shorts.

— Once read an interview with one of the famous designer, where he said that in the sixty years sometimes wears a shirt in his student years, received as a gift from his father. I’m sure many wardrobes for decades kept things the road as memory: a wedding dress, hat, acquired during exotic travel… What to do with such rarities?

If they return you to a happy time, store them to health. Things you can wear to a friends party, and then they will find a new breath.

*Photo from the page of Irene Bailey from Facebook

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