How to look like in 50: Jennifer Lopez showed relief muscle

Как нужно выглядеть в 50: Дженнифер Лопес показала рельефные мышцы

The Hollywood star gives a great example to follow

Iconic American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez no wonder at times torturing yourself in the gym.

Now 49-year-old movie star shows off his “bitahai” Instagram.

“After today’s concert I feel like superwoman!”, she said.

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The publication that Jennifer Lopez (@jlo) Sep 26, 2018 at 2:40 PDT

“When I started this series of performances, I thought, my God, 15 shows in 27 days, it’s so much … but I promised myself that instead of letting that drain me, in the end I will be even stronger … I’ll train and be in the best shape of my life … there were moments when I felt tired, had been traveling, and I had to combine it with your workouts… and now, with only three shows! and I have so many emotions, but mostly just a sense of strength, happiness and gratitude!”, – written by J. Lo.

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