How to play Windows games on a MacBook: found method

Found a way to play games from Windows on computers with macOS

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Today, 15:35

Как поиграть в игры Windows на MacBook: найден способ

Parallels Desktop runs games Windows DirectX 11

Video gamers rarely choose computers and laptops due to the fact that there is an order of magnitude smaller than on Windows. Historically, Windows has better support for games thanks to a convenient API, Direct X. But there is a way to run games and programs from Windows on a MacBook and iMac without any problems, reports The Verge.

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Software Parallels Desktop virtualization (similar to VMWare for macOS) allows you to run a variety of operating systems in the environment of macOS, Windows, Linux distributions and others. Usually the software are used by programmers and testers, but the latest improvement for Parallels Desktop 15 added support for DirectX 11 with hardware using the technology of Apple Metal, which displays graphics on a 15% faster using the kernel Intel HD Graphics.

New functionality included in the composition of the 15th version of the software, which, as noted by MacRumors, also adds support for the upcoming functions of Catalina Sidecar, and improved drag and drop support Apple Pencil.

Of course, no software emulation (virtualization) will not be able to match the performance of native with the start of the game, but still nice to see this feature given some attention. However, in the absence of alternatives is the best way to run video games on macOS in a virtual Windows environment 10.

Как поиграть в игры Windows на MacBook: найден способ

15 Parallels Desktop allows you to run games with DirectX 11 support and the Apple Metal

In addition to improving gaming performance, the improvements in Parallels Desktop 15, means that the software can open Microsoft Office applications 80% faster and supports a wider range of non-game applications, including Autodesk 3DS Max 2020.

In addition to supporting DirectX 11, Parallels Desktop 15 also supports a new feature in MacOS Sidecar Catalina. This means that you can run Windows applications on the iPad when using it as a second screen for your Mac, as well as improved support for Apple Pencil. There is also a new share option that allows you to send files from Mac mail app, default Windows, and drag and drop feature of the software now supports images from Safari, Photos and other applications in macOS.

Earlier, Sony revealed the launch games for the PlayStation 5. In a recent computers able to run games from the PlayStation 3.

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