How to protect your car’s paint?

Comment protéger la peinture de votre véhicule?

To protect the paint long term car, there are ways to be more effective than others. And the film firewall-stones is a part of it.

To discuss, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer have received Patrick Boudreault, coordinator, marketing and communications at Protex Canada, the issuance of The Guide to self airs on QUB radio.

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It is known that this type of film is applied to the hood, headlights and body panels. To this effect, Mr. Boudreault states that “as long as the surface is smooth and non-corruguée such as, for example, plastics pivelés who are usually on the bottom of the desk, it doesn’t fit. If it’s smooth, it sticks. So, be it the interiors, the interior mouldings of a vehicle, either the touch screen [you can do]”.

It is not compulsory that a vehicle is new, for it applies this transparent film. On a vehicle of which the body would have some flaws, Mr. Boudreault mentions that “the film is going to, excuse me the expression, stop the bleeding. It is sure that a blow applied, it will prevent further damage to happen. Unfortunately, the film is 100% transparent, so everything is a default below will still seem”.

He has also been the question of the ins and outs of the tinted windows as Protex in also offers installation.

During this broadcast, Antoine Joubert and Germain Goyer have also discussed the cuts at Nissan, they gave a first glimpse of the Nissan Z next generation, spoke of the announcement of a transparent roof and removable on the future GMC Hummer EV, the disclosure of the price range of the Genesis GV80, the sale of 100 Honda Civic Type R special edition in four minutes and the elimination of 1200 jobs at McLaren.

Anthony has also delivered his impressions on the Audi e-tron recently tried.

To conclude the show, Anthony and Germain exchanged views on the current recovery of Acura.

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