How to train 10 000 attendants?

Comment bien former 10 000 préposés?

Training to fill 10 000 posts of orderlies in the province will not all be able to start Monday as planned.

In some regions of Quebec, the recruitment is more difficult, as is the case in Montreal, where 3500 posts of orderlies are required.

For the Fédération de la santé et des services sociaux (FSSS) of the CSN, which represents 35 000 attendants to the beneficiaries, it is important that everything is put in place so that it goes well with the newcomers.

“In a month, it will begin to receive the attendants in the institutions and there is still work to be done to the frame, but if you put your mind to, there is a way that these people to be well-received,” said Jeff Begley, president of the FSSS-CSN.

Each of those who are accepted or at the end of the process decided on a career change for various reasons. So, what advice to give in charge to the beneficiaries to newcomers?

“So many people who want to come and help, it’s great. But it is sure that it is a profession that requires us to have a moral strong, a lot of energy. The people who are there for the salary, it is not their place. It is certain,” says Pascale Fafard.

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