How to wear a shirt: tips from designer Julia Magdych

The type of shape is important when choosing a Ukrainian outfit

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Как правильно носить вышиванку: советы от дизайнера Юлии Магдыч

Ukrainian embroidery – trend 2019

On the eve of the Grand national show of embroidery “ВышиванкаDAY”, organized by the TV channel “Ukraine” and “Today” (to be held may 16 at the Postal square in Kiev, starting at 8:00), the famous Ukrainian designer Yulia Magdych in exclusive interview “Today” told how and what to wear the main national dress of our country.

According to the designer, the new season the most relevant and popular color – coral. Styling also rapidly break in pistachio colors and also remain unchanged classic red and white colors.

“One of the most popular colors is coral. Lilac remains, again, are in Vogue pistachio color in all its shades, and, of course, remain the popular red and white. As for styles, the actual length of the shirts — just above the ankle, 10 centimeters, and a. The first option would look really luxurious, and the second is incredibly stylish. Another interesting variant reading over the dress-shirts to wear leather skirt or ubugari. And, of course, I strongly advise you to wear shirts with sneakers is not only fashionable, but incredibly convenient,” says Julia.

Как правильно носить вышиванку: советы от дизайнера Юлии Магдыч

Ukrainian embroidery

Tips from Julia Magdych, how to wear a shirt for girls with different body types

  • The correct length

The main mistake most girls is that they prefer shirts that have length to the knee. This style will accentuate any roughness in the figure: I mean crooked or plump legs.

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  • Lush – the emphasis on the waist, a miniature belt on your hips

It is believed that girls of magnificent forms better to put on a hoodie and walk in it. According to Julia, this is wrong.

“I’m sure, on the contrary, it is necessary to emphasize in this case the waist, and then the embroidery create the shape of an hourglass effect. If we find a not very wide belt, then the girl will look much slimmer than if we hide her figure under a shapeless dress. You can still bare shoulder, choose the boatneck and are not ashamed of the neckline. It is in modern embroidery, believe me, is also relevant. Petite ladies I suggest, on the contrary, to emphasize the waist, and knit belt at the hips, more on bones. This will give the body a nice amount,” – said the designer of the Ukrainian vyshivanok.

  • The combination with the bottom

As for the shirts and the combination with the bottom – if jeans with low and medium waist, shirt must rectify. With a strict skirt, the pencil skirt is embroidered on the contrary, to fill. Otherwise, the embroidery will visually cut silhouette and create the illusion of short legs.

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