How was the “people’s meeting” on Mikhaylovskaya square in Kiev. Video

Как прошла "Народная встреча" на Михайловской площади в Киеве. Видео

The order followed 1,000 law enforcement officersSunday, March 17, in the center of Kiev gathered several thousand people. The main mass is located on Mykhailivska square, where the Cathedral installed a large stage for performance of Petro Poroshenko and fenced territory fence. But he allowed only people whose names are in advance made the lists. The rest of the weight came located on the other side of the metal fence, writes the with reference to the Informant.

On Mikhaylovskaya square and the surrounding streets from early morning began a tour of duty hundreds of police officers. By 11:00 for a meeting with the President was attended by thousands of people.

As it became known later, law and order in the city centre was watched by thousands of police in attendance. As for those who came, then, according to militiamen, on Mikhaylovskaya square counted 25 thousand people. Because mass events in the city centre at 10:20 stopped the movement of the three trolleys and one bus.

The event started with the speeches of the Commissioner for the Crimean Tatar people, MP Mustafa Cemil. Also on stage were the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko, the actress Ada Rogovtseva, first Deputy Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko and others. Were the musicians who entertained people in between speakers. Their songs were performed by KOZAK SYSTEM and the leader of the group “REM Cry”, Taras Chubay.

12:10 went to the scene of Petro Poroshenko with his wife Marina. In his speech, the President touched upon the forthcoming elections. “Only two weeks separate us from voting on March 31. But whoever believes that it is only the day of the election of the Ukrainian President. If it was simple, except raged such passion? Is it would have flowed so much dirt? Unless attempts were made to rock the street and cause bloodshed?”, – addressed the audience, Petro Poroshenko.

The President noted that in recent weeks a campaign of communication with voters trying to translate the format of the riots. “It’s not even dirty election technology. This is an attempt to jeopardize the conduct of the election to thwart them. And it is certainly not the Ukrainian scenario, ” – said the head of state. He also added that the Ukrainian government should not allow this to happen.

In addition, the President is convinced that by 2023 Ukraine will apply for membership in the European Union and NATO, as well as able to prepare for the accession to the deadline. “In 2023 is realistic to start negotiations on accession to the EU and make Ukraine received the action Plan on NATO membership (map)”, – said Poroshenko. He also said that the issue of the map will be able to raise in December 2019 on the London NATO summit.

It is worth saying that, in General, during the event of gross violations of law were not. But not without a few incidents. Between people and then there were the verbal battles. In addition, in the crowd, a small group of activists with the banner “De druban hands?”. To him instantly the police came dialogue and surrounded. At some point after the shouts of “shame!” for these activists was attacked by about 10 people, out of hand posters. The conflict escalated into a brawl, but police quickly broke up the participants. One of the attackers was detained. The boy was taken to the police Department. Such a crush around a small group of opponents of Poroshenko started a few times.

It is also known that during a superficial verification of one man seized the telescopic stick. The man was detained and taken to the police Department. On this fact opened a criminal case under article 263 (illegal weapon handling, fighting supplies or explosives) the Criminal code of Ukraine.


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