However : Jared Leto becomes a terrible vampire in the spin-off of Spider-Man

However : Jared Leto becomes a terrible vampire in the spin-off of Spider-Man

This summer, Jared Leto will forget his costume of the Joker, and went on to portray another villain worship from the comic books However. The program ? The actor will slip into the skin of a fearsome vampire, belonging this time to the world of Spider-Man. And after the trailer, it promises the big show.

After Venom in 2018, this is another opponent loved Spider-Man, who will have the right to his own film solo on August 5, 2020 : However. And for the occasion, it is Jared Leto who will slip into the skin of the famous villain in front of the camera of Daniel Espinosa. A project highly anticipated for fans of Marvel, which is revealed in a first trailer.

A vampire movie in the super-hero

Dr. Michael However is not a scientist like the others because it is suffering from an incurable blood disease that plagues. In order to save his own life, he will then imagine a cure-based bat… An unlikely idea that will change his life.

You can see in our slideshow, However will quickly find himself the victim of side effects and transform into a fearsome vampire. An original start point, which should allow Daniel Espinosa to give us a result that is rather dark and disturbing. If the video focuses primarily on the human life of the doctor – as worn by Jared Leto convincing and in great shape, we tease, however, already a scene that plays with the codes horrific. And that’s cool.

However linked to the MCU

Above all, However – who will be able to count on a nice casting with the presence of Adria Arjona (Good Omens), Matt Smith (Doctor Who) or even Jared Harris (Chernobyl), will be truly linked to the films Spider-Man. In the final seconds of the trailer, we can see, and Adrian Toomes aka The Vulture, this defeated enemy in Homecoming, while a poster of the man-spider tagged with the word “murderer” is also visible for a few seconds, making a clear reference to Far-from-home.

From what to expect to see Spidey land on the screen ? And why not… However, it is important to note that the poster in question is one of the trilogy of Sam Raimi, and not movies with Tom Holland. Fail ? Blink of an eye ? Follow.

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