Huawei banned the use of Android

How long will be supported with Android for smartphones Huawei is still unknown

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Today, 20:02

Huawei запретили использовать Android

Google may prevent the smartphone business Huawei outside China

Google has officially stopped any cooperation with Huawei, withdrawing a license from the Chinese manufacturer to use Android, except those which are publicly available under license open source. This is due to the fact that the United States suspects a well-known company in espionage in favor of China. After several warnings, the us government eventually imposed sanctions on Huawei, according to Reuters.

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In addition to Huawei, the black list was introduced 70 subsidiaries of the manufacturer. Thus, American companies are prohibited from using Telecom equipment from China, posing a threat to national security. Immediately after this, from cooperation with the Chinese Corporation refused Intel and Qualcomm.

What does it mean?

For the owners of smartphones Huawei such a ban has not affected. Android will continue to get updates, and have access to Google services such as Gmail, Play Market, Maps, Youtube and others. However, it is unknown how long will be supported with Android.

Future versions of the Huawei smartphones that will run on Android, will lose access to popular services, including Google Play Store, Gmail app and YouTube. To do this, the tech giant will release its own version of mobile operating system OS Kirin, which is developing the last few years.

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Termination of cooperation with Google could prevent the business smartphones of Huawei outside China in the near future as Huawei will lose access to updates of the Android operating system from Google a couple of years, and for the new mobile OS from the search giant will be shipped without built-in services.

“Huawei will be able to use only the public version of Android and will not be able to access proprietary apps and services from Google,” a Google representative.

We will remind that earlier the smartphone market collapsed due to Huawei. And in April, a ranking of the best smartphones in the world headed “Chinese”.

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