Huawei is preparing a rival Android and Windows: announced release date

The new operating system from Huawei will be able to work on smartphones, tablets, computers and on-Board computers of cars

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Huawei готовит конкурента Android и Windows: озвучена дата выхода

Operating system Huawei is now called indepenOS

Company Huawei released a universal operating system called indepenOS. Release date is scheduled for fall 2019. Such a solution adopted after the prohibition of the use in the US, all smartphones, laptops, network equipment companies, as well as after the revocation of the license of Android. CEO Huawei Consumer Business Group, Richard Yu said that the manufacturer could do without Windows and Android as within the company has long developed its own OS, which previously carried the code name Kirin OS.

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Rumor has it that by the time the official release it will be renamed HonorOS. The OS will work on smartphones, tablets, computers, Board computers of cars and wearable electronics.

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Feature indepenOS that it is compatible with Android apps that will allow users to smoothly adapt to the new environment. However, without pitfalls not done, but it still will have to redo their projects to port them to this OS. A similar situation was with Tizen, but unlike Samsung, Huawei wants to create a complete analog of Android and not a simplified platform for low-cost devices.

At the present time a conflict flares up between the U.S. government and Huawei. The administration trump has banned local companies, including Google, to cooperate with Huawei. Three months later, the Chinese manufacturer will no longer be able to purchase US components for their devices and will lose their license to install Android with integrated Google services.

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We will remind that in April, Huawei was ahead of Apple in the battle of smartphones. In turn, Huawei P30 is used for “hacking” of cars.

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