Huawei Mate 30 will not be able to run apps from Google

The new smartphone from Huawei banned the use of Google applications and services

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Huawei Mate 30 не сможет запускать приложения от Google

Huawei received a powerful blow from Google

Huawei may face serious problems with the release of its next flagship smartphone Mate 30. According to Reuters, the new product from Huawei will not be able to run Google applications and services due to the fact that the US has banned American companies – including Google – do business with Chinese telecommunications firm.

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This means that the Mate 30 and other upcoming devices will have severe restrictions at the time of launch. Smartphones Huawei will continue to use Android, which is inherently open-software and open source. But Google confirmed to the Verge that Mate and Mate 30 30 Pro, according to rumors, will be presented on 18 September will not be able to come with pre-installed applications and Google services on Board that can supply the Chinese manufacturer at a disadvantage.

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In may, Huawei has received a three-month reprieve from the U.S. Department of Commerce, the manufacturer was able to take the actions “necessary for the provision of services and support, including software updates for existing phones that were released before may 16, 2019”. The second 90-day extension was granted last week and must end on November 19, but this only applies to previously-issued mobile devices. Mate 30 do not fall under this category, so according to the law of new smartphones should come without Google services because of the sanction imposed.

Apps and Google services, including Google Play, considered a key part of Android as the operating system. Succeed, users will not be able to install new apps through Google Play, you will not be able to view mail via the Gmail app and even commonplace to use search.

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The only real success story for Android without Google services is a budget Fire tablets by Amazon. However, Mate 30 is a flagship device designed to compete with such smartphones, like the Galaxy Note 10 Plus, iPhone XS and OnePlus 7 Pro.

Huawei is actively working on its own alternative to the Play Store in 2018 as insurance in case of an emergency. The company also recently introduced its own mobile operating system HarmonyOS, which is not yet ready to be used in smartphones.

Earlier, a powerful processor from Huawei has surpassed all expectations. Huawei also recently told how the world will change by 2025 by publishing a TOP 10 technology predictions.

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