Huawei refused to release the foldable smartphone Mate X

Huawei have a lot of work on the improvement of smartphone that did not meet expectations

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Huawei отказалась выпускать складной смартфон Mate X

Huawei Mate X will be available not before 2020

Last year many analysts were confident that 2019 will be a new milestone in the history of smartphones with the advent of the first mobile devices with flexible screens. Renowned manufacturers in the pursuit of a championship has announced their smartphones. First was Samsung with its Galaxy Fold, and behind him came Huawei with the Mate X. But I guess this year we’re not going to see the new era in smartphones.

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Following the cancellation of the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, Huawei has officially stated that it will not release the promised Mate of the X. At least this year. It turned out that the technology of folding was so raw that and Huawei, and Samsung had postponed several times the launch of branded vehicles, taking extra time for revision.

Huawei отказалась выпускать складной смартфон Mate X

Huawei Mate X

According to the President of the mobile division of Huawei Hye Kang, the company decided to cancel the running Mate of X. Despite the fact that originally it was planned to release a smartphone in September, pre-sale testing showed he is not ready for commercial release and requires comprehensive improvements. According to Ghana, the development of foldable smartphone is a more complex process than assumed in the company.

“A smartphone does not meet the high quality standards of Huawei. We have no right to release it for sale. It is important for us to give consumers a high quality product that we could swear,” said Gan.

Huawei отказалась выпускать складной смартфон Mate X

Huawei Mate X turned out to be too ambitious

Huawei have a lot of work to improve the smartphone. The company did not know when I will be able to bring the gadget on the market. Thus there is every reason to believe that Mate X will be released until 2020, and when released, it almost certainly will differ from that of the device, which Huawei showed at the presentation.

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