Huawei showed a photo of “killer” for Android smartphones

The new operating system from Huawei will be unveiled under the name Oak OS

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Today, 08:26

Huawei показала фото "убийцы" Android для смартфонов

Huawei will transfer to Oak OS in 2020

In connection with the recent sanctions from the U.S. government, Huawei was forced to abandon Android. The Chinese manufacturer is developing its own answer to Google, and soon ready to go to the “domestic” operating system, previously known under the names of KirinOS or Ark OS.

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The Huawei Central resource has provided a few images of what it looks like Huawei mobile OS for smartphones. At the same time, the source of the Global Times said the name “Android killer” – it will be presented to the public under the name of Oak OS.

Huawei показала фото "убийцы" Android для смартфонов

Externally Oak OS from Huawei like Android

As noted, Huawei Central, users do not have to get used to new surroundings – externally mobile operating system looks indistinguishable from the usual Android. However, it is based on a kernel is not Android, but heavily reworked Linux for mobile screens.

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According to the source, this year Huawei will start selling the novelties on Oak OS, and in 2020 will be transferred to this mobile OS all mobile devices of own production, including the sub-brand Honor.

We will remind that earlier smartphones Huawei refused to collect at factories Foxconn. Previously Huawei wanted to leave Windows and Microsoft began to withdraw the products from Huawei sale.

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Huawei показала фото "убийцы" Android для смартфонов

Huawei показала фото "убийцы" Android для смартфонов

Huawei показала фото "убийцы" Android для смартфонов


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