Huawei Watch GT officially comes out in the US

Huawei Watch GT официально выходит в США

The device has seamless integration and connection with Android and iOS devices.

Today, Huawei’s managed to do something what she wanted for the longest time – skip their developments in the U.S. technology market. As it became known from official sources of the company and close to it, Huawei officially released in the U.S. its new model of smart watches called Watch GT.

Noteworthy is the fact that the model has its own software, called LiteOS, authored by specialists Huawei has decided to abandon the ready-made solutions from Google and Apple – however, the functionality of both sides will somehow, over time, integrated into the functional hours.

Simultaneously with its release this smart devices in the U.S., Huawei opened a new line of goods special purpose that will be subsequently produced with the use of the same operating system LiteOS designed specifically so that these accessories worked quickly, accurately and without brakes. However, despite such groundwork, the model of wrist watch Huawei Watch GT has a pretty impressive list of features and built-in technology – namely GLONASS, GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, Bluetooth version 4.2 and a separate set of sensors for detection of cardiac rhythm and able to regulate sleep patterns.

Moreover, the device has seamless integration and connection with Android and iOS devices, starting with Android version 4.4 and iOS 9.0. Now the device can be pre-ordered through the official website of Huawei in the U.S., at a price of $ 200 – which is again, quite an attractive feature of the new device in comparison with many devices from competitors.

With its light weight of 46 grams even becomes surprising is the fact that the body is made primarily of metal and ceramics, with the addition of plastic. Perhaps Huawei will soon repeat his success and will release another model is a smart accessory. As for the final exit Watch GT, it should take place towards the end of this month.

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