Huawei will present its first smartphone on Android: known price

The device may appear together with a series of Huawei Mate 30 this year

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Huawei покажет первый смартфон не на Android: известна цена

The project Huawei has called Hongmeng and the first smartphone will go on sale in 2019

Beginning the summer of 2019 was marked by the prohibition of Huawei in the United States that forced Google to revoke the license Android from China manufacturer. However, sanctions a month later softened, but Huawei all this time was ready for such developments and secretly developing its own mobile operating system, formerly known as Kirin OS. In a new report released by the Chinese Global Times reported that the manufacturer is ready first smartphone is not on Android, and it will appear on sale this year.

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The project Huawei has called Hongmeng and is a priority within the company. And mobile OS is already ready for full use. The company in August to hold its annual developers conference in the Chinese city of Dongguan, and there will be publicly presented the first devices running on OS Hongmeng mysterious.

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The company executives will also show a new line of smart TVs Honor, which also will work on the basis Hongmeng, like Samsung with their Tizen OS. The Chinese Global Times also mentions a smartphone worth 2000 yuan (288 U.S. dollars) as one of the flagships of the new operating system.

Global Times claims that Hongmeng OS looks similar to the Google project Fuchsia, which will replace Android on more modern operating system. It is expected that the new OS from Huawei built around its own microkernel and designed to adapt to various form factors of mobile devices, and will also be used on vehicles with Autonomous control, and even medical devices.

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The report says that Huawei is now testing a compatibility level that will be required to run Android applications, and implements custom encryption at the hardware level, which in terms of reliability reminiscent of the Apple iPhone. If all goes well, the first smartphone based on Hongmeng may be on sale, along with a series of Huawei Mate 30 this year.

We will remind that in April, Huawei refused to release the foldable smartphone Mate X.

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