Hubert Lenoir tops ADISQ nominations

Hubert Lenoir tops ADISQ nominations


One year after the Klô Pelgag tidal wave, it's Hubert Lenoir's turn to lead the nomination ball for the next ADISQ gala. For his excellent second album, PICTURA DE IPSE : Direct Music, the songwriter received a total of eleven nominations.< /strong> 

Hubert Lenoir managed to beat his 2017 mark, with his debut album Darlene. That year, the musician had received seven nominations at the ADISQ gala.  

For the 2022 gala, Lenoir saw his project nominated in 11 categories, including seven artistic (Male performer , Album of the Year – Alternative, Album of the Year – Critics' Choice, Artist of the Year – International Outreach, Author or Composer, Composer of the Year, International Collaboration of the Year (with Bonnie Banana) and Video of the Year). 

In second place is Lisa LeBlanc with a total of six nominations. L'Acadienne received praise for her album Chiac disco. Among other things, she has been named Female Performer of the Year, Song of the Year (Why do it today) and Author or composer, composer of the year. 

Two groups then follow in the most nominated artists: Les Cowboys Fringants and 2Frères. The former have five nominations, including Show of the Year and Album of the Year – International Outreach. The latter have four mentions, including Album of the Year – Critics' Choice and Song of the Year (Under the Same Roof).  

The Cowboys and 2Frères will be in a hot fight in the category of Group or duo of the year. Bon Enfant, Les Trois Accords and Salebarbes can also be found there.

Performers of the Year 

In the Female Performer category, the nominees are Roxane Bruneau, Cœur de pirate, Lisa LeBlanc, Klô Pelgag and Sarahmée. On the men's side, we find Ludovick Bourgeois, Corneille, Marc Dupré, Hubert Lenoir and Patrice Michaud. 

The revelation of the year will be among Étienne Coppée, Natasha Kanapé, La Zarra, Ariane Roy and Jay Scott. 

Finally, the ten finalist songs of the year are Under the same roof (2Frères), L'écho (Ludovick Bourgeois ), If someone ever looks for me (Roxane Bruneau), Bouge ton thang (Clay and Friends), We will always love each other (Coeur de pirate), Co-pilot (FouKi with Jay Scott), Why do today (Lisa LeBlanc), Together, sensitive (Ariane Moffatt), Good Lord (Salebarbes) and She can no longer hear her heart beat (Vincent Vallières). 

The 44th ADISQ Gala, still hosted by Louis-José Houde, will take place on Sunday, November 6.