Huge number: Android set a crazy record

Google users much more than Microsoft and Apple

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Огромная цифра: Android установил безумный рекорд

More than a billion Android devices are outdated by more than 2 years

At the developer conference I/O 2019 Google announced that in the world there are 2.5 billion active Android devices, making it the most popular operating system on the number of users. That’s more than there are devices from Microsoft and Apple, which is a record at the moment, according to Zdnet.

In January 2019 Apple boasted that the number of active iOS users (iPhone and iPad) exceeded 900 million registered devices. At the same time, the company had 1.4 billion users in total, including a MacBook and iMac on macOS, as well as players, and wearable electronics. The total number of Apple since then, not much has changed. CEO Tim cook this month said that in the third quarter of 2019, “active base exceeded $ 1.4 billion”.

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Microsoft in October 2018 argued that currently has a base of 1.5 billion active devices on Windows (all versions), and in March, statistics showed that Windows 10 has been installed on 800 million devices.

In 2017, Google at the conference Google I/O said that it has a base of 2 billion registered users on Android. About the first billion was announced in 2014, which means that the added 1.5 billion additional users on Android over the last four years.

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Of course, many of these 2.5 billion Android devices released more than 180 manufacturers around the world, using older versions of mobile operating systems Google. A study conducted in 2017, showed that more than one billion Android devices are outdated by more than 2 years.

At the same time, the search giant finally revealed the statistics of distribution of the latest relevant version 9.0 Android Pie. The latest mobile OS runs on 10.4% of devices connected to Google Play Store. But it is far from popular Android 8.0 and 8.1 Oreo, accounting for 28% of all Android devices.

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