Hugh Jackman – 51! TOP 5 best roles a famous actor

Hugh Jackman played in many movies

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Хью Джекман - 51! ТОП-5 лучших ролей известного актера

Hugh Jackman

October 12, his birthday celebrates famous Hollywood actor Hugh Jackman, who got into the Guinness Book of records. The star fighters turned 51 years old. The actor known to audiences for her role as superhero mutant Wolverine in the film series “X-Men”.

Also find out what’s going on in his personal life Hugh Jackman:

But there were other transformations, which caught the fancy of the audience no less. Remember the cool of the role of Hugh Jackman in the movies.

“The hero of her novel”

Here, Jackman is still very young and at the beginning of his career. Australian film about a truck driver. Atypical plot, but Hugh played truthfully.

“Flirting with the beast”

Easy and enjoyable Comedy where Hugh Jackman plays a womanizer. But this, which you can turn into a very romantic guy, if you ask for.

“Van Helsing”

The main hero, Gabriel van Helsing, a hunter of evil spirits. His name taken from the novel “Dracula” by Bram Stoker, which featured the character Abraham van Helsing, the doctor-philosopher and mystic. The action takes place in 1887-1888 years in the Kingdom of Romania. The forces of Darkness are preparing for the final Battle.

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To win, all methods are good: there was a trailer of the biopic “the Main candidate” with Hugh Jackman

“The fountain”

The film is a parable directed by Darren Aronofsky. A young woman Izzy kreo deadly progressing brain tumor. Her husband is an oncologist That is desperately trying to find a means to save her, ignoring even the last few hours talking with her. He seeks out a cure which might be the extract of a tree from Central America. Izzy asks Tom to finish her book “the Source”, which in symbolic form tells about her illness, as the Inquisitor, enslaving medieval Spain. The search for salvation is presented in the book in search of the mythical Tree of Life and the Conquistador in New Spain. Tom reads the manuscript in the hospital the night before her death.


Another brilliant picture, where Hugh plays on top. The plot of the popular novel by Christopher priest significantly reworked the brother of Director Jonathan Nolan. The story is not told sequentially, and is supplied in the form of several layers of “flashback” (the retrospect) the main characters.

We will remind, the musical biopic “the Greatest showman” with Hugh Jackman in the lead role, was released in January 2018. It turns out that the fees exceeded the box-office two solo albums on his famous superhero.

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