Hugo Girard : the man of the situation to CASA

Hugo Girard : l’homme de la situation à CASA

Since 2014, Hugo Girard is the strong man of CASA. Feverish with the idea of doing the filming of the sixth season of the Renovations of Hugo and the newness Hugo and the strength of a village, the colossus is excited to combine his passion for the physical work, her love of people and desire to help others.

The union between the chain and the facilitator lasts for six years. She started with a Deck as possible, and then is solidified at the discretion of the various projects: The renovations of Hugo, The heart and arms, Crazy BBQ and, finally, Hugo and the strength of a village, sort of a “Great deception” to the sauce renovations, that it will be discovered eventually.

Out of Montreal

The concept was still in development when the coronavirus has dampened the zeal of Hugo and his team, but the general idea of The strength of a village will turn around communities throughout the province of Quebec, who will help in the playing of the saw and hammer.

“I think it is important to go to any region, reports Hugo Girard in an interview. It is often seen as well: it is believed that the tv comes only in Montreal, but the tv, people from all over the watch. Me, I’m a guy from the North Shore, and I find it pleasant to go elsewhere.”

Of course, the filming, initially scheduled for June, are deferred for the moment, as are those of new episodes of the Renovations of Hugo, whose dissemination would normally have had to start on CASA at the end of may.

“I am fortunate to work in programs that are a few extensions myself in fields where I already have a certain interest,” notes Hugo.


It is a bit of a coincidence that Hugo Girard became one of the iconic figures of the emissions of construction in Quebec, but the ex-holder of the title of the strongest man in the world had still a bag significant, which serves him well today.

As a teenager, this “taponneux” assumed, as he describes himself, had followed his own father on construction sites. Then, ambassador Group’s BMR since 2007, he has forged links with the world of television.

“What helped me a lot at the time, what are the competitions of strong men. I organised competitions and I ran. It was a form of practice for my future career as an animator,” says the communicator, which claims to learn constantly in his business and says he is grateful for the loyalty of the public.

“When I embark on something, it is important for me that there is a side of learning. Otherwise, it just becomes mechanical. He should grow out of it.”

“What pleases me is that people seem to enjoy what I do,” he adds. That is why it is there, it is that the people we follow. This is where our true evaluation engine.”

CASA rebroadcasts currently three programs of Hugo Girard: in The heart and arms (Wednesday, 18 h), The renovations of Hugo (Monday, 18 h and 18 h 30), and Fools’s BBQ (Thursday, 11 a.m. and 11: 30 a.m.). The recruiting of participants continues for Hugo and the strength of a village. More information is available at :

Hugo Girard is also a partner of the Shop Protection, which recently launched boxes déconfinement designed for businesses, including face shields, masks, and gels antiseptics (

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