Hugo Lloris has been injured : he has already announced his return for the end of January

Hugo Lloris blessé : il annonce déjà son retour pour fin janvier

Hugo Lloris is injured at the elbow : he has already announced his return for the end of January

The footballer has begun training for the past few days. In October 2019, Hugo Lloris was injured in the elbow. But after having stopped because of his injury, the player from Tottenham Hotspur is ready to return to football. The world champion has announced his return to the field for the end of January.

Hugo Lloris speaks out on his injury and his return

The fans remember them, Hugo Lloris was injured in the elbow the 5 October 2019, at the meeting between Tottenham to Brighton. A sequence that hurt just looking at it. Since this game, the player of the team of France had been forced to stop playing football. But his injury would be a lot better, to the point that the athlete has resumed training for a few days now. The athlete has even provided to The Team : “The idea is to go back end of January”.

Hugo Lloris is expected to return at the end of January 2020 on the ground. “But this is conditioned by my feelings, by the choice of the coach also,” said the one who evolves as a goalkeeper for Tottenham Hotspur, “I am expected, and the team is not where she would like to be”. As to his injuries, the footballer does, in fact, not more than that and do not look forward to his return on the pitch : “I have always kept this side a little reckless, a bit irresponsible, since I was a kid. I have always looked for the thrill. So it will return all by itself”.

He says that he will play well at the Euro 2020

But then, Hugo Lloris will he be part of the selected of the Euro in June 2020 ? The player of the Blues confirmed that yes, stating : “If there had been a fracture may be that the question of my participation would have arisen”. Good news for one of the favourite stars of the children and to his many fans !

Hugo Lloris has even confided about the change of coach. The English club has replaced Mauricio Pochettino by José Mourinho. And the coach of the goalkeepers Toni Jimenez have also left the ship. “It was hard,” he confessed, “It is not nice to see from people that we greatly appreciate, and with which is linked. After five and a half years together, we understood each other with closed eyes. There, you have to learn to know”.

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