Hugo, Molière, Brassens, classics or comedies… These Gard artists on the bill at the Avignon off-festival

Hugo, Molière, Brassens, classics or comedies… These Gard artists on the bill at the Avignon off-festival

Pierre Jouvencel interprète Victor Hugo avec fougue.

Meeting with the Nîmes and Gard artists on show this year, among the 1683 shows at the Avignon off-festival.

Pierre Jouvencel is Victor Hugo

In 2022, Nîmes Pierre Jouvencel won the prize for best contemporary author at the Avignon off-festival, for his show Victor Hugo, a giant in a century. Since then, he has continued to play this piece, always with the same passion, with the same presence and always with the same success.
On stage, Pierre Jouvecel is Hugo, with all his faces, at the same time the young romantic, the rebel, the poet, the lover, the bereaved, the father of the Nation.

He recounts his life and gives voice to some burning texts, poems, political speeches and takes us through both a work and an era full of hope. Victor Hugo thought that "when all men were educated, there would be less conflicts, a sort of brotherhood between people", explains Pierre Jouvencel, who gives a voice to this humanism.

Until July 21, 4:25 p.m. Closed July 1, 8, and 15. Théâtre des 3S, 4 rue Buffon, Avignon. €23, reduced €18, children €12. 04:90:88:27:33.

Les 100 têtes play "Tartuffe" and "Scapin"

Norbert Belloc and his Cie des 100 têtes, based in Vergèze, bring Molière's texts to life in the present, with an invigorating freshness that makes the author's verses and prose accessible to children from 10 years old, while delighting parents.

Alternatingly, the company performs two creations for this festival, the Tartuffe adapted for three actresses, musicians and singers and Les Fourberies de Scapin, in a daring staging.

Until July 21, 8:45 p.m., Scapin on even days, Tartuffe on odd days. The Grand Pavois, 13 rue Bouquerie, Avignon. 20 euros, 14 euros, 10 euros. 06 65 61 11 74.

"Heart to Heart" by William Rageau

Originally from Bouillargues, William Rageau started theater at the Télémac workshops in Nîmes. Since then, he has participated in the series Paris Police 1900, with Christian Hecq, from the Comédie Française, who lends his voice to one of the characters in his creation Heart to heart.

In this piece, William Rageau performs "a brain, a heart and a digestive tract, which have different characters and missions. But with good and bad encounters, they will try to make their host the happiest possible man, they will have to move forward and support each other with more or less malice."

Until July 21, 5:35 p.m. Théâtre des Barriques, 8 rue Ledru-Rollin, Avignon. 20 euros, 14 euros, 11 euros. 04 13 66 36 52.

"Daron is my roommate" with Lorenzo Théodore

Lorenzo Théodore from Nîmes is starring in the comedy Le daron est mon coloc, which stars "the story of two roommates who are 20 years apart and who will learn, through an anonymous letter, that they are father and son", by Marseille author John John. "We mixed a little reality and fiction", explains Lorenzo Théodore, for a piece humorously evoking the gap between generations.

Until July 21, 3:50 p.m. Released on July 9 and 16. Théâtre de l’Observance, 10 rue de l’Observance, Avignon. 18 euros, 15 euros, 12 euros. 06 02 42 19 76.

"Blessed are the orphans" with Paul Martin

This evening, Electra finds her brother Orestes, working far from his family in a ministerial office. While their mother is in a coma, the time has come to put words to the past in order to face the present. Blessed are the orphans, by Sébastien Bizeau, is a contemporary rereading of Greek mythology with the Nîmes actor Paul Martin.

Until July 21, 4:45 p.m. Released on July 9 and 16. Théâtre des Gémeaux, 10 rue du Vieux-Sextier, Avignon. 23 €, 16 €, 12 €. 04 88 60 72 20.

Hervé Masquelier and the story of the "Passantes"

In 1944, a young man who was forcibly conscripted decided not to return to Germany for compulsory labor service… He found refuge in Impasse Florimond where he was taken in by Jeanne and I’Auvergnat. At the flea market at the Porte de Vanves, while leafing through Antoine Pol's collection, he came across the poem Les passantes, thinking that it could make a beautiful song. This young man is called Georges Brassens…

The Improbable Story of Passersby or the poem on page 17 tells the story of this legendary song . On stage, Hervé Masquelier, originally from Saint-Géniès-de-Malgoirès, embodies a fictional character who, while recounting this adventure, questions his own destiny as an artist who has not reached in the light as he would have liked.

Until July 21, 19:05 p.m. Released on July 8 and 15. Théâtre de l’Oriflamme, 3-5 rue Portail Matheron, Avignon. 22 €, 15 €. 04 88 61 17 75.

"To die for", with Marion Saussol

Among the Meututs, suicide is a family affair. And when we fail, we don’t let ourselves be defeated! Not deviating from this tradition of mothers to daughters, Sam made a series of attempts… Squeaky humor, icy humor… The Alésienne Marion Saussol presents To die in pieces, a deadly comedy.

Until July 21, 2:45 p.m. Released on July 10 and 17. Le Palace, 8 cours Jean-Jaurès, Avignon. 22 €, 13 €. 04 84 51 22 25.

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