Human odor may indicate a heart condition

Запах человека может указывать на больное сердце

The person with heart disease there is a peculiar smell.

Scientists of the Munich Ludwig-Maximilian University (Germany) concluded that, with a sick heart the person has a special smell. Experts said that this is a unique scent. He was given the name OR51E1.

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According to the hypothesis put forward by the German researchers, in the event of disorders in the heart this organ produces substances that generate odor. Their analysis showed that a person with heart disease there is a peculiar smell.

“We were not able to find analogues of the odor indicates an unhealthy heart, to compare it with. However, it is quite certain, sensitive scanning devices define it”, – told the experts.

The theory that suffering from heart disease, a person may indicate the emergence of a specific smell, is not unusual. Science it is well known that smell is a marker of many diseases. Most scientists are interested in the odors of diseases, not obvious to the human sense of smell, but it is quite certain. A good example is smells, evidence of developing cancer in the body. People cannot feel them, whereas animals (dogs) identificeret effectively.

As for the heart, German scientists rightly point out that when other vascular disorder, stroke, the human body also starts to produce an odor. The main problem, according to them, that there is no accurate technique that would allow us to classify a smell at the level of practical medicine. Scientists intend to develop.

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