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Human remains found in suitcase in New Zealand

Human remains found in suitcase in New Zealand< /p> UPDATE DAY

A family in New Zealand was shocked when they discovered human remains in a suitcase obtained at an auction.

The story goes back to was first brought to light by Newshub last Thursday when the authorities had deployed several staff to a residence in the suburbs of Auckland. Two bags had been seized.

The case is being treated as a homicide and authorities are trying to identify the victim(s), although the number of bodies recovered has not been determined.

“Investigation has so far revealed that [the family who found the victim's remains] were not involved in the incident,” Detective Inspector Tofilau Faamanuia Vaaelua said in a statement. , Maunukau District Crime Officer.

According to local authorities, the grisly discovery was made after the contents of a warehouse were auctioned off.

En interview with the 'New-Zealand Herald', neighbors claimed to have been alerted by the foul smell.
'I could smell it. I thought it was a dead cat or something. They brought it back on a trailer. How come they didn't smell it?” said a neighbor in particular.

According to Lance Burdett, a former police investigator, the perpetrator of this crime may have fled to stranger, “but if he left a mark, someone will end up bragging”.

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