Human remains found inside two crocodiles

Human remains found inside two crocodiles


The remains of a fisherman who had been missing for several days in Queensland, Australia, may have been found…in the bellies of two crocodiles.

This is what announced by local authorities on Wednesday morning. The remains were reportedly found during a necropsy performed on the beasts after Department of Environment and Science (DES) wildlife agencies euthanized them.

According to police information, these may be the remains of Kevin Darmody, 65, who was last seen on Saturday afternoon at Kennedy Bend, Rinyirru National Park, while fishing. The sector being known for its high population of crocodiles, the DES was quickly called in to assist in the search.

Thus, the animals were killed “together… 10 seconds apart from 'other,” DES Director of Northern Wildlife Operations Michael Joyce told Australian media ABC Far North.

“Officers believe the two crocodiles […] involved in an incident with the man […] and they have been located upriver from where he was last seen,” Queensland Police said in a statement.

< p>However, it is rare to see two crocodiles eating a victim of a single attack, Joyce said.

“We didn't think it was common, but it is the second time this has happened,” he explained.

The police will send a report to the coroner who will have to confirm that the remains are indeed those of Kevin Darmody.