The world of wine can sometimes seem closed and difficult to approach. It's easy to do “name dropping” – or make nominal bluster by listing the big labels you've drunk or by launching a technical word or two to impress the gallery. Some do it without realizing it, as if to convince themselves that they know a little. The danger is to make the thing even more complex than it already is. And yet… nothing is simpler than wine: fermented grape juice!

Obviously, the subject is eminently broader. It would take more than a lifetime to pretend to know everything. And even. Rare are the days when you don't learn something new. And you may have tasted the greatest wines on the planet, nothing is more pleasant than being surprised by a good wine for less than $15. 

In other words, stay humble. Be open and sensitive to each bottle. Not only will your pleasure be increased tenfold and your passion fueled, but you will become better tasters. And to use Salvador Dali's famous quote: “Who knows how to taste never drinks wine again, but tastes secrets. »

Drink less. Drink Better

Domaine St-Jacques, White Classic 2021, IGP Quebec

★★1⁄2 | $$ | $18.75 | Canada 12% | 2.7 g/L – Organic

SAQ code: 14732181 

The quality of the estate's wines has improved enormously over the past two years. Located in the Richelieu Valley, in Saint-Jacques-le-Mineur, about twenty minutes from Montreal, the entire vineyard is now cultivated organically. The style of the wines is more precise with better controlled fruity expressions and, dare we say it, a certain idea of ​​terroir. In any case, we find a lot of pleasure with this blend of Vidal (70%) and Seyval (30%). A very dry white with crunchy fruit and a salivating mouthfeel. Notes of green apple, lemon with a hint of iodine. 

Kumeu River, Village Chardonnay 2021, Auckland

★★★ | $$1⁄2 | $22.80 | New Zealand 13.5% | 2.3 g/L

SAQ code: 13565481 

Already, with the name of the wine, we guess the affiliation with Burgundy, “Village” being the second level in the classification used in the Holy Land. In fact, Michael Brajkovich produces Chardonnay-based whites that can easily pass for very good Burgundy wines, but for much less. This is the case with this cuvée, only part of which is fermented in barrels. Nicely scented with eye-catching tones of white peach, toast, yellow apple and gunflint. It is ample, almost rich while maintaining a straight and fresh body. Nice deal! 

Hirsch, Zöbing Riesling 2019, Kamptal

★★★1⁄2 | $$1⁄2 | $27.20 | Austria 12.5% ​​| 4.8 g/L – Organic

SAQ code: 12196979 

Johannes Hirsch is one of Austria's most prominent winemakers. This excellent Riesling is proof of that. The grapes come from the village of Zöbing where we find the best plots of Riesling in the Kamptal region. Everything is worked organically and biodynamically with very little intervention. A captivating nose of apricot, honey and lime zest gives way to rich fruitiness. The whole revolves around a lively and fine acidity that leaves the impression of a dry wine. A little wonder to sip by the pool. 

Medici Ermete e Figli, Concerto 2021, Reggiano Lambrusco

★★★ | $$ | $19.95 | Italy 11.5% | 12 g/L – Organic

SAQ code: 733261 

Looking for originality this summer? Get your hands on this sparkling red, one of the specialties of Emilia-Romagna, the “belly” of Italy. Obviously, we are far from mainstream wine, but when it is well mastered (like here) Lambrusco can make impressive pairings with food. Pleasant nose evoking aromas of black fruits, flowers and a touch of liquorice. It is supple, off-dry, light, with a lifted acidity and a hint of bitterness on the finish, which contributes to the highly digestible character of the wine. Serve it – not too cold – with terrines, cold cuts, pizzas or burgers, you won't be disappointed

Gulfi, Rossojbleo Nero D'Avola 2019, Sicily

★★★ | $$ | $22.50 | Italy 13% | 3 g/L – Organic

SAQ code: 14923990 

Despite its torrid climate in summer, Sicily is capable of producing fresh and digestible wines. Those produced by Matteo Catania in the southeast of the island are proof of this. A lover of Burgundy, he offers a fine and gourmet version of Nero d'Avola, a grape variety that often gives ripe and heady wines. Thanks to the 450 meters of altitude of the Hyblaean mountains which allow the grapes to be tempered. A juicy wine with medium-bodied tannins. Tones of cherry, balsamic and spice complete the aromatic picture. 



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