Hundreds of wrongful dismissal in We Charity

Des centaines de congédiements injustifiés au sein de We Charity

OTTAWA | WE Charity has laid off 390 people in march, and has posted 450 volunteer positions paid by the government through the canadian stock exchange for the volunteer student.

The purge was such that the president of the board, Michelle Douglas, has quickly expressed doubts. This is what she said Tuesday, standing committee on Finance.

“We thought that it was not possible to fire hundreds of employees without concrete evidence and that it was necessary to study mitigation efforts to save jobs,” said Ms. Douglas.

The board of directors has requested financial data and reports to support the need to lay off so many people. But instead, Ms. Douglas was shown the door, and the majority of the board was followed, on 27 march.

“It was clear that there had been a breakdown of trust between the founders and me,” she said.

A breach of trust

“I resigned because I could not do my work. I could not fulfill my duty of governance “, she added.

After his departure, 450 virtual functions for volunteers has been announced by WE Charity in the framework of the scholarship program federal for the volunteer student, revealed the Globe and Mail.

In exchange for federal awards, the volunteers absorbed by WE Charity to create digital content and educational content for the organization.

But Craig Kielburger is forbidden to derive any benefit : “WE Charity would only have been reimbursed for the costs of design and administration of the program […] WE Charity would not have received financial gain from the program, and it is incorrect to say the opposite.”

While the government is promoting, since the beginning, a budget of$ 900 Million for the student volunteers, the Kielburger rather assess that the program has distributed between$ 200 Million and$ 300 Million in scholarships.

Paid or not ?

Their body would reach 43.5 Million$ to administer the program. Craig Kielburger has refused to say whether he personally would have been paid from this envelope, indicating to be paid by ME to WE, a sister company of WE Charity.

The agreement between Ottawa and the organization provides that ” the beneficiary may be considered a reasonable part of his salary as of the eligible expenses and is not required to maintain time sheets in this regard “.

“Some have suggested that WE Charity was in a financial situation dire before [the contract offered by Ottawa] and that this was the motivation for our actions. This is simply not true, ” said Craig Kielburger.

Marc and Craig Kielburger

  • Between the ages of 43 and 37 years old. Originating from the suburbs of Toronto.
  • Founded in 1995 the Free the Children organization, which would later become the WE Charity.
  • Speakers, activists and authors of several books.
  • Craig has conducted studies on peace and conflict at the University of Toronto and at York University in business administration.
  • Marc has studied international relations at Harvard University, and in law at the University of Oxford.
  • Members of the Order of Canada.

– With the collaboration of Sarah Daoust-Braun, QMI Agency

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