Hunger Games : a new film at the cinema ? It is accurate

Hunger Games : un nouveau film au cinéma ? Ça se précise

Hunger Games : a new film at the cinema ? It is accurate

4 years after the release of the film Hunger Games – La Révolte part 2 worn by Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, the saga would already be at the heart of many discussions to return to the cinema. In fact, this is what comes of entrusting Francis Lawrence, the director.

It is a date now known to all fans of the Hunger Games, may 19, 2020, Suzanne Collins – the author behind this saga, literary, will unveil an all-new book from this universe. However, don’t expect a sequel, this new book will serve as a prequel with a story located 64 years before Katniss and Peeta.

New movie Hunger Games in preparation

And obviously, this project is still very mysterious about its content (it is known only that the plot will follow the reconstruction period, 10 years after the war, the one that we call “the dark days”), does not excite only readers. Francis Lawrence – the director of movies Hungers Games flash & The Rebellion 1 and 2, took advantage of an interview given to People to open the door to his return behind the camera.

When asked about the possibility of the see to adapt this new book to film, the filmmaker said : “Yes ! I have regular discussions with Suzanne about this, and with Lionsgate [production studio]. This is something that I would like to do, absolutely“. You read that right, all parties seem to really come together behind the scenes to prepare a film.

A project that was expected of all

That should make the happiness of the fans, but who are ultimately not surprising. As soon as the announcement of the new book, Lionsgate was the first to speak of film adaptation : “as a house-mother is very proud of these movies Hunger Games, we look forward to seeing the new book of Suzanne to be published. We communicate with it from the stage of writing, and we look forward to continuing to work with her on the future film“.

Good news, which is facing another, more frustrating : with a book expected in 2020, don’t expect to see such a film before (at least) 2022. Snif.

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