Hungry Seagull stole a small dog breed Chihuahua

The owner of the animal Becky hill claims that the incident occurred near her home

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Голодная чайка украла маленького пса породы чихуахуа

In England Seagull stole a Chihuahua

In the courtyard the 24-year-old resident of the British town of Paignton, Devon, on behalf of Becky hill there was a curious incident. A Seagull flew into the garden women, where walking her dog breed Chihuahua Gizmo, grabbed the dog with its beak and flew with him in an unknown direction. Local Live Devon newspaper notes that the incident occurred on Sunday, July 21.

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“My partner hung in the garden, linen and saw Gizmo on the diving bird. The Seagull took the dog far enough and we lost him from sight. I don’t even know where he is. He may have fallen,” says owner of a missing dog.

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Becky hill, which in addition to Gizmo other two puppies, I decided to cover the event in local media and social networks to quickly find your dog.

Голодная чайка украла маленького пса породы чихуахуа

The Dog Gizmo

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