Hunt down the king of the forests but…

Hunt down the king of the forests but...


For several weeks, many disciples of Nimrod have settled in the forest to track down the King, the moose. According to the first rumors circulating, it seems that he is getting his ears pulled to show himself.

Conversations with friends who are currently in the forest clearly indicate to me that the moose do not move. In Charlevoix, after more than ten days of hunting, no sign of life. Nothing moves and the hunters do not hear a shot. However, for several years, they have always harvested their moose in this same hunting area.

Another of my friends who hunts in the Lac Frontière area wrote to me yesterday morning to tell me that yes the weather is very nice but that unfortunately there are no moose there. Again, they are successful every year. On the Seigneurie de Beaupré side, the data reported show that the moose do not move much either. Same scenario in several wildlife reserves.

So there must be a common denominator that explains this situation, which seems widespread. Personally, I believe weather conditions are the answer.


Initially, you should know that the moose is not a heat-loving animal. If it is too hot, it will seek refuge in denser woods, where it can spend days and feed without making a large circuit. As big as it is, it can get smaller in dense forests. Unless you know his hunting ground very well and know exactly where he spends his time when it's too hot, flushing him out can become difficult. He is not inclined to move. Climate change means that the months of September and even the beginning of October are periods of the season when the temperature is hot and very mild. We are a long way from the days of hunting in the snow on Thanksgiving weekend.

Another very important point is the high winds that we experienced for several days. Moose don't have good eyesight. He must rely on his two other very sharp senses which are smell and hearing. He has a hearing faculty far superior to that of man, which allows him to detect from afar the sounds emitted in his entourage. When the winds are strong, he cannot easily identify what is happening around him. He then seeks to remain motionless in an area, where he can control his environment.

Certainly, during the mating season, biologists will tell you that nothing stops his behavior of seeking to mate . Yes, but it can do it at night, outside of very hot periods.

The best chance of harvesting a moose in such conditions is very early in the morning or at the end of the day. However, it is to be hoped that nature will work with hunters and provide temperatures better suited to hunting.

I look forward to a change in temperature to help hunters be successful. The moose is a ghost. It can appear in front of us when we least expect it. You have to remain confident.



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Hunting the King of the Forests but...