Hunter instead of a wild boar shot his own father in the bushes

Arrived on the scene, doctors were unable to save the victim

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Охотник вместо кабана подстрелил собственного отца в кустах

In Italy, the son accidentally shot his father while hunting

34-year-old Italian, whose name was not disclosed, while hunting in the southern province of Salerno accidentally shot his father, mistaking him with the boar. It is reported portal Voce di Strada.

According to the publication, on Sunday, September 22, two men went hunting. The son noticed suddenly appeared among shade trees and the rustle of leaves and fired. However, falling into the boar, and his father, 55-year-old Martino Gaudioso. The hapless hunter immediately raised the alarm and tried to give first aid to his father, wounded in the stomach. Unfortunately, arrived on the scene, doctors were unable to save the victim.

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As it became known, the incident occurred on the territory of the national Park where hunting is prohibited. Police seized the rifle and are investigating.

News “Today” reported that in October 2018 Gorodenka district of Chernihiv region the man while hunting accidentally shot his friend. A similar case occurred in September of last year in the Transcarpathian region. There’s a guy shot and killed a man in the woods, confusing it with the beast.


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