Hunters Trophies

Hunter Trophies


Many nemrods had the opportunity to take beautiful game. Here are a few: 

1. Sylvio Fortier, from Plessisville, crossbow hunting in Saint-Pierre-Baptiste, on his woodlot. All enthusiasts dream of being able to exploit a territory full of game. If you look closely at the photo captured by his spy camera, which dates back to August 28, 2021, it was not one, nor two, nor three bucks who came to eat his apples, but indeed five at the same time.

2. Anthony Joyal, 21, from Saint-David, had quite a surprise during his last hunting excursion in Baie-Comeau at the Lac Cypres outfitter. After only making two calls, this handsome buck, sporting 33 in antlers, headed over to this young racing enthusiast. “He wasn't big in his panties,” explains his father Éric Joyal with a crooked smile.  

3. Hockey fans may recognize the man who made his predictions for many years in Le Journal de Montréal under the heading Cyr-O-Mètre, André Cyr. Retired for three years, this gentleman, who was a sports assistant for 15 years, now has fun in the fall chasing deer in the Granby and Drummondville regions.

< p>4. In moose, it is often said that labor begins after the shot. Talk to Mario Masse of Saint-Hyacinthe who hit the king of the forest 250 yards away on the edge of a body of water. Once eviscerated, the 510 lb body was carried to three different lakes by the latter and by Benoît Charbonneau, who was on his first experience.

5 . Pierre Albert from Gatineau will forever remember this big buck for three reasons. The first is obviously the impressive size of his headdress. The second is that he foiled it on the land of his best friend, Michel Lepage, who sadly passed away a month later. The third is his father Richard, 87, who naturalized him.

6. The least we can say about Jocelyn Hogue, is that he is an excellent long-range shooter. He saw this mastodon at 280 yards in a plain on Anticosti Island. Trying to approach him, he ran away and stopped at the edge of the wood. Equipped with a shooting stick and a rangefinder, he anticipated the ballistic drop and intercepted it at 513 yards. Congratulations!

7. I love this photo of Pierre Lefrançois, from Laval. Respectful of the local instructions dedicated to giving a chance to immature males, this chic guy had fun observing and photographing, through the scope of his black powder gun, this 5 point which came within range . He continued on his way and will return later wearing a bigger panache. 

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