Hurricane Ian: Human remains rise to the surface in a Florida cemetery

Hurricane Ian: Human remains rise to surface in Florida cemetery


Flooding from Hurricane Ian caused a gruesome scene at an Oakland cemetery near Orlando where human remains surfaced due to pooling water.

A coffin was seen floating at ground level. A storm-blown tree fell on top of it, exposing the deceased inside. Other human remains were reportedly visible. 

Many families and community members came to the site on Thursday to help with the cleanup.  

The images show many broken trees in this cemetery which was completely submerged by the waters. 

“I am hurt, even though I know she is with God, to come here to see and witness this…these bodies rising to the surface.. Someone dropped it when we talk about development “, explained a citizen, Ed Gardner to a journalist from the Spectrum News. 

“It's really hard, it's hard to believe what happened,” a man told local channel, Fox 13. He rushed to the scene to make sure the body of his grandmother, who was buried on Tuesday, had not been washed away by the floods.

Another man said his uncle was to be laid in the ground on Saturday, but due to the disaster it is not possible to know when the ceremony might take place. 

Oakland located about 40 miles from Orlando is experiencing historic flooding after Hurricane Ian hit.