Hurricane in USA will bring dozens of species of poisonous snakes

Ураган в США принесет десятки видов ядовитых змей

Similar cases have met earlier.

Experts have determined that the hurricane “Florence,” which reaches North and South Carolina, could bring with it not only destruction, but also some poisonous reptiles – snakes. The streets States can creep up to 38 species of snakes, the element will pick up from marshes and ponds, according to the with reference to the news of the world.

Ted Bowman, an employee of the zoo in Myrtle beach, says that a few drops of the venom of amphibians is capable of destroying the fabric of the victim and cause internal bleeding. If the doctors did not react, followed by a quick death.

Officials urge people do not go outside, especially in areas with abundant vegetation. Many health centres are closed, therefore, help the victims to have virtually no one. If the encounter with the snake still happens, you should immediately call 911.

Last year during the hurricane “Harvey” the residents of Houston were found in the homes of particularly dangerous snakes, fire ants and even small crocodiles. All these animals are representatives of the flora and fauna of the two Carolinas.

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