Hurt motorcyclist tried to move to kick the car with his foot. Video

Обиженный мотоциклист пытался на ходу пнуть автомобиль ногой. Видео

Instant karma caught up with the motorcyclist

In our days the motorcycle is not very easy to fit into the traffic flow. Sometimes they are at fault accidents, as happened with one motorcyclist in Brazil, which, apparently, did something bad to the car, reports the with reference to Autonews

In the video we see a motorcyclist overtakes a car traveling ahead, and then trying my hardest to kick his left leg. Of course, nothing good happened. The motorcycle fell on the road with his owner. Fortunately, it is reported that he received only minor injuries. His life is not in danger.

We don’t know what happened on the road between the car driver and motorcyclist. Apparently, the biker felt offended. He caught up with her abuser and tried to kick the leg of his vehicle. What happened is known.

Whatever happened on the road, the motorcyclist behaved then is not correct. If he wanted to “clarify the relationship”, then he could just go behind a car and wait for her to stop. In any case, we urge you to be polite on the road.

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