Husband cancer Zavorotnyuk was suspected of black PR on trouble wife: “Last chance to save…”

Мужа онкобольной Заворотнюк заподозрили в черном пиаре на беде жены: "Последний шанс спасти..."

today, 16:21

Serious illness the famous Russian actress Anastasia Zavorotnyuk for her family and a large army of fans was a real tragedy.

So, one of the Russian media published an article in which the journalists put forward the theory that some of the participants in the severe events show a desire to get a PR on her and on people’s sympathy.

Мужа онкобольной Заворотнюк заподозрили в черном пиаре на беде жены: "Последний шанс спасти..."

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk, Instagram

“The name Anastasia now sounds like a last chance in saving the career of her husband Peter Chernishev,” said the authors.

Representatives of the publication, its conclusions build on these facts: according to published online reports, the year 2018 was for ice business Tatiana Navka unprofitable. Famous figure skater and supervisor Peter Chernyshev went negative by 1 million rubles.

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Мужа онкобольной Заворотнюк заподозрили в черном пиаре на беде жены: "Последний шанс спасти..."

Tatiana Navka and Peter Chernyshov, FACTS

And now, as if it sounded awful, she tries to avoid the situation in 2019, increasing the profitability of the show through PR on Zavorotnyuk. To this end, the participants of the ice show give numerous interviews, conduct the free performance.

“The interests Chernysheva and skill sets converge. Because Tatiana is so attracted viewers to his show, and hence more money. Peter also wins. The last time he spoke little, and the ice performance is a great way to maintain interest in themselves and at the same time earn. For now, the skater needs money to provide treatment to his wife,” — noted in the material.

Therefore it is not strange, it is concluded in the publication of the first who were allowed to speak openly about cancer “the perfect nanny” had Navka.

Recall, the famous magician has shed light on the “curse” of cancer patients Zavorotnyuk: “the Spirits can send…”.

As reported Znayu, with cancer Zavorotnyuk stripped to the bone: what it is paying “My fair nanny”.

Znayu wrote, relatives of cancer patients Zavorotnyuk showed an unexpected footage of the hospital: “we will succeed!”.


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