Husband Dorofeeva Dantes in a playful pose issued as a grown-up to spend Valentine’s Day

Муж Дорофеевой Дантес в игривой позе выдал, как по-взрослому провести День влюбленных

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The husband of the famous Ukrainian singer and the soloist of group “Time and Glass” Nadia Dorofeeva and Vladimir Dantes from time to time puts funny posts on his page on the social network Instagram. Recently, the celebrity boasted a funny frame posing in the bedroom, in their beloved new house, and wearing only a linen robe. So, the artist, adopting a seductive pose, I decided to cheer all the fans that are left without a date on Valentine’s Day February 14.

More or Less awesome Contest! 18+ only! Without any But!
On the nose February 14. The entire tape will sink into the sweet positions, colors, candies, and other paraphernalia of a “happy” life)))
But there are those among us who are in this, subsequent, and previous day alone. ..I was like this. Know about you. Irritated by all these lovers, and I want them all to unsubscribe)))
This contest is for you. I’ll paint your life. Will make it more diverse.
How? Very simple.
10 lucky people can win a month subscription to ****hub (a website with adult content). And then you will not be alone 😂
1.You must be of legal age!
2.Leave in the comments your most ridiculous story of separation.
3.The most important thing is to match the first item)”, – shared the fun contest and prizes inspired by Dantes. Followers not passed, telling their funny and sometimes ridiculous story, and Dorofeeva showered my husband with compliments.

Муж Дорофеевой Дантес в игривой позе выдал, как по-взрослому провести День влюбленных

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Recall, Nadya Dorofeeva invited fans to play, there was a lot of wishing.

Previously portal “Znayu” reported that Nadya Dorofeeva at the beach image was eclipsed by Dubai.

Also, the portal “Znayu” wrote that Nadia Dorofeeva gave wise advice to fans.

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