Husband of Regina Todorenko touched Network mental congratulation

Муж Регины Тодоренко растрогал Сеть душевным поздравлением

The singer after his speech, did not leave indifferent fans of theRussian singer and husband of popular TV presenter Regina Todorenko Vlad Topalov is able to melt the hearts of the fans touching the acts and declarations in relation to families and loved ones. So, he sincerely admired the achievements of his famous wife, admiring her determination and vigor. But the most reverent, the main words Vlad has in store for mom, to which he appealed with eloquent speech from a page in Instagram, reports the with reference to RBC-Ukraine

The artist congratulated the most expensive in the world of the person with a birthday, showing pictures from her blossoming mother-beautiful. He noted that, regardless of age and errors in life, she will always understand, forgive, prigolubit and support your child.

“Mom! It’s true, this is the first and most important word in the life of every living being! Mom! How many in this word. A lot of things. Love! Tenderness! Affection! Care! Support! Heat! Goodness! This a space of love against all odds! Contrary to your wrong actions, words, choices, in life! This love flows as a turbulent river and envelops you whole and completely in every moment when it’s not needed! No matter how many years that did not happen, we are always drawn to mom “on handle”, into her embrace, where it’s warm, quiet, cozy, comfortable, where no one is hurt and won’t get you!” – began his touching speech the singer.

Vlad noted that he was very lucky with my mom. He also picked up her the warm and sentimental comparison, stressing how it is dear to him.

“Favorite mom! You’re my warmth, my very first love, my heart, my soul and my pride! Please healthy and most happy! We, your children incredibly lucky to have you,” said the musician.

He compared his mother and his wife Regina, noticing that these two women became his most important in life.

“I like you, never met! Except that my wife also loves our son as me! I look at them and see us. And differently aware of your deed, your love and sacrifice for children! You always said that I will understand only when your appear! Now I understand!” the singer confessed.

In the end congratulations to Topalov admitted to the mother of boundless love and sincerely thanked her for everything she did for him.

“We love you with every fiber of your body and soul that you gave to us! We – your world and your life, and you’re ours! Thank you for such a life! Happy Birthday!” – posted by Vlad.

Fans of the singer noted that his mom looks amazing next to such a grown up and caring son. They joined the warm words and wished the birthday girl all the best.

“What a young and beautiful woman! Unfading youth!”, “Chic mom, happy birthday and all, all the best”, “What is it young! I thought it was just a friend”, “If not such a pretty mother, how such a charismatic, handsome son, Very touching words. You resemble her mother,” wrote commentators.

Муж Регины Тодоренко растрогал Сеть душевным поздравлением

Муж Регины Тодоренко растрогал Сеть душевным поздравлением


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