Hydro-Québec taken advantage of for more than 660 000$

Hydro-Québec flouée pour plus de 660 000$

A contractor for the Montérégie region had the smile to his lips, and Wednesday, even if he had recognize to have been one of the instigators of fraud by false billing of more than 660 000 $ at the expense of Hydro-Québec.

Bertrand Dupont, 45, pleaded guilty to uttering a forged document, Wednesday morning, at the courthouse of Longueuil. He had to pay $ 95,000 to indemnify Hydro-Québec and commit to perform 240 hours of community work.

In this case, the State-owned company has been taken advantage of 660 869 $ over a period of three years.

Hydro-Québec flouée pour plus de 660 000$

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Bertrand Dupont

Between 2014 and 2017, Dupont was the head of the Companies Dupont 1972, located at the time in Saint-Bruno-de-Montarville.

At the request of Excavations Marchand and Son, he contacted a company in the Côte-Nord in order to put in place a partnership of transportation for a contract of the construction site of la Romaine on the North Shore, we read in the agreed statement of facts.


The modus operandi suggested the State-owned company, through false invoices, that the transportation of cement was carried out by the local company, acting as a nominee, rather than his own.

During this time, the company of Jean-François Marchand received dividends aimed normally to promote the outsourcing local.

400 bills

In total, over 400 bills have been tampered with, one can read in the court document.

It also reads that the evidence did not, however, demonstrated that Dupont has directly benefited from the money of the crime.

Hydro-Québec flouée pour plus de 660 000$

Photo: Martin AlarieSimon Lacoste
Crown prosecutor

It took an internal inquiry of the scale of the part of Hydro-Québec in order to debunk the fraudulent scheme. To date, over $ 290,000 have been recovered.

“We are very satisfied with the rapid agreement which has facilitated the reimbursement of the victim,” said Wednesday, Simon Lacoste, Crown prosecutor.

Of the five individuals incriminated in this folder, two of them have also pleaded guilty recently, while another has been cleared.

As to the preliminary inquiry of a Merchant, it must be held the next week.

– With Valerie Gonthier

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