Hydroxychloroquine is no longer authorized in France against the COVID-19

L’hydroxychloroquine n’est plus autorisée en France contre la COVID-19

The French government has repealed Wednesday, the derogation provisions authorizing the prescription of hydroxychloroquine against the COVID-19 to the hospital, outside clinical trials, following an unfavourable opinion of the High council of public health, according to a decree in the official Journal.

Since the end of march, hydroxychloroquine could be prescribed in France as derogatory to the hospital and only for seriously ill patients, on collegial decision making of doctors.

Hydroxychloroquine, promoted in France by the controversial professor Didier Raoult, and defended by the american presidents, Donald Trump, and the brazilian Jair Bolsonaro, is a drug derived from the anti-malarial drug chloroquine.

But a survey published last week in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet has pointed to the ineffectiveness and risks of using this medication for the sick of the COVID-19.

The decision of the French government, following a negative opinion Tuesday the High council public health (HCSP), seized by the government after the study in the Lancet. The HCSP has recommended “not to use the hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of the COVID-19” outside clinical trials.

The drug, marketed under the trade name Plaquenil in France, is part of the numerous treatments tested since the beginning of the outbreak of novel coronavirus. It is also prescribed to combat autoimmune diseases, lupus, or rheumatoid arthritis.

The decree published in the official Journal on Wednesday also puts an end to the prescription out clinical trials against the COVID-19 of the drug combining lopinavir and ritonavir, two anti-retroviral drugs, pointed to by the drug Agency for its cardiac risks.

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