“I acted according to my values” – Rosalie Vaillancourt gave an update on the case Julien Lacroix

«J’ai agi selon mes valeurs» - Rosalie Vaillancourt fait le point sur l’affaire Julien Lacroix

After having publicly testified in favor of one of the alleged victims of Julien Lacroix, the comedian Rosalie Vaillancourt has broken the silence on the social networks, on Wednesday.

“This week has been a toff, she confessed. Julien was one of my friends. Even if we had lost sight of over the past two years, it was someone that I find so funny”.

A survey by the newspaper Duty was revealed Monday morning on allegations of misconduct and sexual assault, Julien Lacroix to nine women. Among them, his ex-girlfriend, Geneviève Morin, claimed to have been assaulted by the comedian. She had narrated the event to her friend Rosalie Vaillancourt in the past year, which corroborated his statements.

Rosalie Vaillancourt was also told that Julien Lacroix, with whom she refused to work for two years, had sometimes made gestures toward it.

“I was afraid of the cross”

On Instagram, Wednesday, Rosalie Vaillancourt is back on his testimony. “I don’t have the impression of having been a victim of Julien. I was just (fucking) heavy drunk. What has helped me to believe my friend”, she wrote.

“I thought right away,” she said, before asserting that she had received a message from a girl who said “you have been the victim, she and several girls from his high school.”

Rosalie Vaillancourt said that she had tried, in vain, to talk to people in the community.

“I refused to work with Julian for several months already. I was afraid of the cross. I’ve tried talking to people but I was so disappointed. Of the people that I loved deeply told me me to be quiet or don’t listen.”

Even if she claims to receive a lot of negative comments on social networks, the comedian, 27-year-old believes that she has done the right thing. “I probably lost contracts or fans in the last months, weeks and days, she believes. But I acted according to my values. ”

Pause for “several months”

Julien Lacroix was reacting publicly soon after the release of the article from the Duty, on Monday morning, saying that he does not have to be a “sexual predator”, but be “neither an angel, nor a demon.” His reaction has caused controversy on social networks, before it closes its page Facebook.

In the aftermath, several broadcasters have ousted their platform broadcasts or series in which the comedian appeared, and its agency, the Group Phaneuf, immediately severed its ties with him.

Julien Lacroix has reactivated his account to Facebook Tuesday to apologize “to people who have been hurt or disappointed by [its] publication.” He said to take a break several months, during which he wants to go in search of help of specialists.

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