“I am a Viking”: Zelda built his own legend

«Je suis une Viking»: Zelda construit sa propre légende

Inspired by his own family experiences, Andrew David Macdonald has imagined the story of a young girl not like the others for her first novel, I am a Viking. Zelda, 21, is a fan of the Vikings, runes and old norse. She decides to create her own legend when she realizes that her brother is in trouble.

I am a Viking
Andrew David Macdonald
NIL Editions
446 pages”>

I am a Viking
Andrew David Macdonald
NIL Editions
446 pages

Zelda is not like the others… because her mother drank when she was pregnant. She loves her big brother Gert, who takes care of her, and her lover Marxy.

Zelda, hosted by the epics and legendary of the Vikings, dreaming of sword fights. She is convinced to have the necessary powers to fight the bad guys of this world. But she does not know in what adventure she plunged when her brother Gert joins forces with thugs to pay his bills.

Andrew David Macdonald explains that his story is in part inspired by the experiences of his sister, who had mental health problems, and her mother has developed a mental illness when he was very young. “I had a lot of difficulty to understand,” he says.

The novel as such comes from a story written a few years ago on the subject, from the point of view of big brother. This time, the writer resumed his story, telling it from the point of view of Zelda. “I decided that it was going to be totally fascinated by the Vikings. It is placed all alone… because I don’t have a particular interest in the Vikings, ” he said.

Little by little, the character of Zelda is incarnate. “The Vikings have allowed me to explain how Zelda could see everything. She sees things in a very trench, as the heroes and the legends.”

The issues she confronts are universal, ” he continues. “His first romantic experience intimate is a total disaster. She is nervous. But it is not evil in the first experiences of everyone I know. I think that trying to be authentic in a world that would prefer we fit into the molds.”

A world complicated

Zelda realizes that the world is extremely complicated and takes everything to the first degree. His awkwardness and his difficulty to understand the world, and give rise to scenes of tragi-comedies, among other things, in his love life with Marxy.

“Zelda and Marxy are in love, but in terms of intelligence and development, they are probably not made for each other. Is Zelda between two worlds, and it is even more difficult for her to find her place.”

Andrew David Macdonald is interested in the Vikings as of writing, following in the footsteps of Zelda. “I finished the book… and I read an article in National Geographic about the discovery of the remains of a warrior viking. I had to find a way to add this discovery to the last minute. Impossible to do otherwise ! ”

♦ Andrew David Macdonald grew up in Edmonton, Alberta.

♦ He has won the Western Magazine Award for Fiction and was a part of the selection of the Canadian National Magazine Award for Fiction.

♦ He lives in the south-western Ontario.

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