“I am so bored of balaclava!”- Jean-François Pronovost

«Je m’ennuie tellement de Passe-Montagne!»- Jean-François Pronovost

Private Password-the Mountains because of the COVID-19, Jean-François Pronovost is impatient with the idea of recovering his character. “I’m so bored!” he says.

Like his colleagues Élodie Attic (Passe-Partout) and Gabrielle Fountain (Switch-Diamonds), the comedian was in the middle of shooting the third season of the successful “go Anywhere” when the pandemic has cut short its momentum. For him, the wait has lasted long enough.

“I’m so excited! I just made a little video for the celebration of Canada and Télé-Québec; I had my costume, I was in us and I had a lot of ideas […] It I miss. It is time that it is happening again.”

Laughter and vulnerability

Although it takes great pleasure to laugh at his covedettes in front of the cameras, Jean-François Pronovost particularly appreciate “the moments where balaclava is more vulnerable, where he will share more of his emotions to the child.”

“Usually, it is more boilerplate that does that, but it happened a few times, he says. I remember an episode where he plays hockey and mat is really good. There’s a scene – which I think was not there in the original – where I am sitting on the stairs and I pout. It is fun, it is rare that one sees it to-Pass Mountain. I found it interesting because I tell myself all the time that it is cool to show the boys that the guys also are living things.”

With his character, he is not afraid to give free rein to the madness, to the extravagance. “The aspect that speaks to me the most is getting over the fear of ridicule, he says. I started acting at 10 years old – we did the improv, the theater, played a game full of characters – and one of the first things [that I was] say it was the famous sentence of Robert Lepage in “The hidden face of the moon”: “I speak loud and I’m not ridiculous.” I think it’s very important.”

“I myself have been there; I was very shy when I was a child and I still am […] The game, it offers the possibility to switch over itself, her shyness.”
Having already served as a professor of theatre, the actor has witnessed the outbreak of several children. Now, thanks to the popularity of balaclava, he can share his message to all Quebec children.

On tour in October

This message, Jean-Fraņçois Pronovost could also convey in front of the rooms of young people amazed – and to the sides of her friends – during the tour “Goes-Everywhere”, that will take off in the month of October.

For him, it is important to meet the children so faithful to the characters they have learned to know and love since last year. “I look forward to see what will look like the contact in real […] to see how we are going to build the relationship with them. But I’m not worried.”

The filming of the third season of “Passe-Partout” should resume in July. New appointments are planned for the fall. Meanwhile, it is possible to review the episodes already broadcast on coucou.telequebec.tv.

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