“I began to breathe”: a 15-year-old told how you saved the neighbors on fire

«Мне стало нечем дышать»: 15-летний подросток рассказал, как спас соседей на пожаре

About a 15-year-old teenager who during a fire rescued the residents of apartment buildings, said the press service of the Kiev Central Board of the state service for emergency situations. The fire started in a five-storey building on Prospekt Komarova 14. Lit apartment on the fifth floor. 15-year-old Andrew Burtovoy saw the fire before anyone else. The boy stood on the street and saw on the balcony the smoke. Andrew, without hesitation, rushed to the staircase and began to call all the apartments I wanted to warn people about the danger. “It is not known what could have happened if not for this brave boy, — speak in a press-service of a capital Central Board of the SES. — Despite a strong smoke in the stairwell, he ran through all floors, knocking on doors to tell residents about the fire. He brought people to the street and went home“.

Andrew Burtovoy said “the facts,” the details of the incident. The teenager said that a hero does not consider himself — say, in his place would have done every. However, in a smoky entrance, he rushed one.

My friend and I were coming home from school — told the “FACTS” Andrew Burtovoy. — Almost came home. The fire was at No. 14, and I live in the neighborhood. We walked and saw the smoke. He was on the roof and on the balcony of the fifth floor. I looked but did not see what burns. Understood that the house fire started. In the yard was empty, which meant that people were in their homes and probably didn’t know existed! I realized that no time to lose and ran to the entrance.

— In the stairwell, too, was the smoke?

On the first floor yet. There are five floors, each with four apartments. I began to knock and to call in at the same time. Shouted: “the house is on fire! Come quick!” On the fourth floor was already filled with smoke. But even worse was the fifth. There it was difficult to see anything, the smoke was too thick. There was nothing to breathe.

— What did you do?

— Tried to close the face of the sleeve and the collar of his shirt. But only to cover his nose and mouth still did not work — I shouted that I was heard by the neighbors. Feared that to someone is not good, and the person suffocates. And afraid that we don’t have time to run out and something will explode. I never realized that there were burning. So knocking on every door with all his strength.

— People listened to you?

Yes. But all reacted differently. Someone opened me and immediately came out. Someone through the door is answered, they say, understand, now go. And some decided that I was putting them on. There were even those who started me away: “Go away! Be quiet!” “This is no joke! shout. The house is on fire!” Spoke to them and fled on to other apartments. On the fifth floor by the way, I didn’t do it. For example, in the apartment, which was next to the Smoking balcony, when I knocked no one answered. It turned out there was sitting the grandmother who couldn’t hear me. Thank God, then she saw the smoke and still managed to get out.

Other inhabitants of an entrance due to did before.

In the apartment where the Smoking balcony, and I also has not opened, — said Andrey. — I’m afraid that there are people there and they are already suffocated. In fact, there was no one there. When she came down with me went a lot of people. And the yard has gathered a crowd. When I ran to the staircase, on the balcony of the apartment on the fifth floor was smoke. And when I came out, everything was already there in the fire. They say the fire started in the apartment. Like something with the wiring or with the equipment. The fire quickly spread and the balcony is completely burnt out. The apartment is probably too. The yard was flying, burning pieces of slate. But the people that were downstairs was not scared. They stood and filmed it all on camera phones.

And I was glad that people came out of their apartments and they have nothing at risk. I was approached by a boy of eight. When I knocked at his apartment, he was there alone. But it is well done, not confused. The parent has collected the documents, took my hamster and quickly left. Then came to me: “was It you?” “I” say… How glad I am that he and his hamster alive!

«Мне стало нечем дышать»: 15-летний подросток рассказал, как спас соседей на пожаре

Lit apartment on the fifth floor. Photo press service of the Antimonopoly in Kiev

— Not afraid to go into a smoke-filled staircase?

— No. Honestly, I do not think about it. Scared, only that there were people who could suffocate and die. I was afraid not for himself, but for the fact that will not have time to warn them. When came out of the door, I felt fine. I’m not burned, but the porch had a whole five minutes. Only when I went home a little dizzy.

— You told them about what happened to you?

How was running around the apartments, no. He said only that he saw the fire. What’s to tell? Details known only to my older sister because she called me when I was there. I have, incidentally, a big family. We have a mother of six. Kate is the eldest and I the youngest.

Andrew did not see in his conduct nothing special. He we used to help people, said the “fact” sister of Andrew, Catherine. — Go for a walk and on the way is not to fix someone’s Bicycle is not about us. Andrew always stop and fix it. And before you go to the store, bypass all the neighborhood grandmothers and will clarify anything if they don’t need to buy. He is very kind, for everyone is going through. So I couldn’t just stand by and watch as the house is on fire. Thank God, during this fire, no one died.

Now Andrew Burtovoy in the ninth grade. The teenager said that this year plans to go to College and will study marketing.

toddler miraculously escaped at the fire two months ago.

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