“I can’t imagine that the far right governs France”: very moved Carole Delga remains in combat mode for the legislative elections

“I can’t imagine that the far right governs France”: very moved Carole Delga remains in combat mode for the legislative elections

La présidente de la Région Occitanie reste en mode combat et se dit optimiste. Midi Libre – MICHAEL ESDOURRUBAILH

Très affectée parfois, Carole Delga plaide pour un Front populaire dont le programme républicain s’inspire des propositions de Raphaël Glucksmann quitte à sacrifier des circonscriptions aux Insoumis.

She ended up appearing sincerely very affected, on the verge of tears when she imagined that on the evening of July 7, the leaders of the National Rally were in charge of the country. Carole Delga tried to convince herself of the opposite but the emotion ended up overwhelming her while she answered questions from journalists in her office at the Toulouse regional hotel this Wednesday June 12: "I can't imagine it, she blurted out in a sob. I cannot accept that the governing ideology of my country, that of the Enlightenment, of the Declaration of Human Rights, is racist and xenophobic. This is despicable and contrary to the history of France. At a time when we are commemorating the Liberation, I cannot bring myself to celebrate the brown plague.

"The Melenchonist line cannot be in the majority"

Words are strong. Hard, even. Perhaps not really in control as she is so upset. Whatever. She sincerely thinks about the "downgrading of the country if the RN governs it". Then the president of the Occitanie Region pulls herself together and becomes the fighter again, "the passionaria of the Republic as the Parisian journalists say". The one who decided, reluctantly, to join a Popular Front "without following either the Macronist line, nor the Mélenchonist line", she repeats. Two paths that have led the country to an impasse. From this, she does not deviate. Yes to the union of the left, Insoumis included, but it will be necessary to apply a program "very largely inspired by that of Raphaël Glucksmann who came in first on Sunday evening… The Melenchonist line cannot be in the majority".

This program, "it’is to restore confidence to the French, to reconcile social and ecology without any community withdrawal" . The message is for the attention of the Rebels. If Carole Delga is ready to make concessions on the distribution of constituencies, which she refuses to address considering these calculations as not being up to " of the seriousness of the situation", it will not compromise on the heart of the program : "Today we cannot lack lucidity about the political situation in France to provide the right answers".

Ready for battle

The program is drawn up by the staffs of the main parties: she follows the negotiations closely, in regular contact with the socialists Boris Vallaud and Aurore Lalucq and the communist Fabien Roussel, with whom "we laid down the main principles". "We want a firm program on security and secularism, particularly on the refusal to wear religious symbols at school. Internationally, we want full support for the Ukrainian people, recognition of a Palestinian state, a two-state solution and the release of hostages held by Hamas… But also a limitless Republican front". That is to say that in the event of the risk of election "of an extreme right candidate, we vote for the opposing candidate whatever it may be, Republic on the move, right-wing or Insoumis". It’s that simple. Except that Carole Delga emphasizes that the left has already applied this principle for a long time but not LFI. Particularly in Occitania, during the last legislative elections… Alas, this time she clings to other personalities who find favor in her eyes: Raquel Garrido, Alexis Corbières or François Ruffin… "I have neither hatred nor problem with positions with people. I have an opposition, a major disagreement with the ideas of the extreme right. That's all. The position of Kamel Chibli, his vice-president in the Region, very hostile to this Popular Front ? "He just recalled that there was no need for hegemony . That LFI had to know how to stay in his place".

As for finding someone to lead the campaign, someone who could be a good Prime Minister for France: " Raphaël Glucksmann suggested Laurent Berger, it's a good idea", she said. On the fact that her name is circulating, she brushes the idea aside with a laugh: "I knew the question would come up. But no, I have no personal ambition. Then more serious: "I am devastated by what is happening to France". But despite everything she says she is "optimistic" in the success of this fragile union and assures that’she will not give up anything "without fighting"… 

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