I could have ended up dead or in jail

I could have ended up dead or in jail


A native of Roberval, comedian Jeff Boudreault describes his first meeting with his future wife as very special. He was attending high school the first time he saw her and he asked her to marry him. Next March, they celebrate their 30th anniversary as a couple. 

Catherine and Jeff have never lost their originality. They had planned to adopt a child after their first child. After Victor was born, they adopted a pretty and dynamic Haitian, Marie, and then Emmanuel was born. 

Your father was strict.

My father, Russell, was the authority at home. How many times my mother, Nicole, said to my sisters, Martine, Maryse, and me: ” Wait until your father comes home”. 

Your father worked a lot.

He worked in the maintenance of the Ursuline College and in the evenings he was a plasterer. He barely made $24,000 a year, but we didn't miss anything. 

You haven't touched the steps of the Continental store. < /p>

I had a fit in the toy department. My dad had grabbed me by the arm and I never touched the steps on my way upstairs.

You were 13 when your parents divorced. 

I told my mom I didn't know what would happen to me if I lived with her, so I chose a man I got to know.  

Hunting and fishing were unforgettable moments with your dad.

My times spent with my dad hunting and fishing will always be treasured in my heart, especially the time we got lost in the woods.

You got lost for a day in the woods. 

We were fishing when my father, my uncle and I got lost. I was so tired that my father, despite his 130 lbs, carried me in his arms. 

You had no compass.

< p>We were going around in circles in the woods without realizing it. Suddenly, the sound of the noise of a car! Eagerly, we headed towards where we had heard the noise.

Were you far from the place?

C It's embarrassing to admit, but we were only 500 ft from the road. 

You had friends who weren't necessarily good. 

Honestly, if I hadn't changed friends, I could have ended up dead or in jail.

You didn't like going to school.

I believe that I am part of a forward-thinking school system. In elementary school, I often did not have the required grades, but the teachers made me pass. In high school, everything changed, because they made me repeat my first year. I learned several years later that I was a child with ADHD. 

In high school, you were a comedian without knowing it.

I was sitting in the back of the class making jokes that my friends were repeating.

Your teacher changed your career direction.

He comes to see me after class to find out if I was the instigator of these jokes. He asked me if I wasn't tired of others taking credit for my humor. 

As of secondary 2, you wrote the < em>Bye bye for the end of the year. 

Yes, my teacher gave me the mandate to write the Bye byeend of the year and it continued until my cegep.

You were no longer the last chosen on a team.

The success I had with my plays at school gave me confidence and from then on, I became an important person in the eyes of the students. 

You were a hawker.

During the week, with Mrs Morin in the Hyundai Colt, I delivered the newspapers to the other vendors before starting my journey. However, I was also passing flyers and decided to deliver the Sunday paper, as I didn't like going to mass. 

You worked at several other places.

I worked at the Canadian Tire, at the steel mill, but the turning point in my career, putting chickens in trucks, was when I found myself with my laundry of Gros Bill in the hospital when I injured my elbow in a schoolyard. I decided that becoming a machinist was not for me.

“I wouldn't pay for you to be a clown”.

I wanted to go to comedy school, but it was very expensive. My dad told me: “I wouldn't pay for you to become a clown”. 

It was a party at La Traversée internationale du Lac-Saint-Jean .

The bars were packed, I can still see the bartenders walking the streets with a case of 24 beers on their shoulders. When the race became a round trip, I was at the start at midnight and we celebrated all night and day until the swimmers returned.

Young people attacked you in the street.

Two young people came out behind an Acadian car to attack me. I ran, luckily they never caught me. The next day, I bought a used Volks Rabbit from Karen Beaulieu without ever having seen it. She didn't understand why I didn't want to see the car. For me it was simple, I needed a car so I wouldn't get attacked when I was walking the streets late at night.

You wrote a play summer. 

I had so much fun, especially when I told the artists that we were sharing the profits. I was also part of a comedy duo, Les Colons, with François Maranda.  

Your wife is your love, your partner and an exceptional woman.

Catherine is an exceptional woman who gets up every morning with her wonderful smile. We are a couple who love each other very much, we respect each other enormously and we always want to carry out new projects. We never forgot that we were a couple before becoming parents. Her smile is the sunshine in the family.

I could have ended up dead or in jail