“I decided…”: Rimma zyubina inspired by the star of stage “confess” and go to shivers

"Я решил...": Римма Зюбина вдохновила звезду сцены "исповедоваться" и уйти, до мурашек

today, 15:00

Famous Ukrainian actor, star of TV series “the Investigator Gorchakov” Oleg Korkushko amazed his fans with a small pause in a theatrical career. The guy tried on the network to explain what happened in the “Young theatre” and why had to leave.

This became known thanks to the message of Oleg in network Facebook.

"Я решил...": Римма Зюбина вдохновила звезду сцены "исповедоваться" и уйти, до мурашек

Oleg Korkushko, stuki-druki

“Today I resigned from a Young theatre professional from purely personal reasons. I am grateful to the theatre and head for believing in me. I have evolved as an actor. At the moment I decided to make a pause in the theatrical field. That is, to continue his acting work in projects of a different format. Some publications want me they just all talked about the situation in the theater… it’s wrong. It’s not a war. There is no war. It is rather a series. My opinion is. The situations are different. And the theatre is a hard thing in this regard. It is important to critical thinking.”, – Oleg wrote.

Also, the actor was prokomentiroval scandalous situation Vokrug Rima zyubina.

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“I support Rimma Zubina. I’m sure right to do otherwise with someone who honestly worked for 22 years in the theater and many did for him. Don’t know how much it hurts. Not going to compromise this theatre. In my opinion, he is not to blame. It’s not clear. Each theatre has its dependent system, to judge it can’t (I don’t understand in the manual), which eventually fails, and this failure creates anti-human actions. Rarely, but neatly. I support Rimma, and I want to be honest with yourself – wouldn’t want that to happen with someone of the actors would not want himself to be in a similar situation.”, – said Oleg.

"Я решил...": Римма Зюбина вдохновила звезду сцены "исповедоваться" и уйти, до мурашек

Post By Oleg Korkushko, Facebook

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