“I did not beat, willow beats”: like stars congratulated Ukrainians with bright holiday

"Не я бью, верба бьет": как звезды поздравили украинцев со светлым праздником

Victor Hewko

Ukraine celebrates palm Sunday, which is one of the 12 most important holidays. Popular Ukrainian actors and TV presenters could not ignore it and congratulated its subscribers. It is noteworthy that some of them have combined the two events, posting a picture with the willow at the polls.

As you know, today is the second round of the presidential elections, all adult citizens for a few hours can cast your vote. At the same time, believers have celebrated palm Sunday and, by tradition, called for worship.

To congratulate members with a religious holiday decided and representatives of the Ukrainian show-business:

Olga Sumskaya

“To the feast: my orchids bloomed in full glory! From palm Sunday to you, friends! Love and joy to every family! Unity and peace!” – I commented on the post TV presenter Olga Sumskaya.

Olga Freimut

“Palm Sunday – only Ukrainians are so Holy traditions. Happy holidays to you!”

Liliya Rebrik

“Congratulations, Ukrainians!” – posted by TV presenter Liliya rebryk.

Yury Gorbunov and Ekaterina Osadchaya

“From palm Sunday to you! God’s all grace and peace! From now through the week – Easter!” – fans congratulated the TV host Yuri Gorbunov.

Svetlana Tarabarova

“The hand holding me. Can’t describe these feelings in words. I clearly understand why it is necessary to work productively for all of us, the whole country. For the sake of our future! That our children will live better. Congratulations to all on palm Sunday,” wrote the singer Svetlana Tarabarova and posted a photo with the pen of his son Ivan.

Victor Hewko

“I did not beat, willow beats! All with palm Sunday,” congratulated the actor VIP-Ternopil Victor Hewko.

Sergey and Snezhana old wives

Gregory Reshetnik

“With the celebration of palm Sunday! Ukraine will win!” – posted by TV presenter Grigoriy Reshetnik.

Iryna Fedyshyn

We will remind, earlier it was noted that in the Kiev region police visited the man, who received at the polling station the ballot, but not voted, and took it with him.

As reported by the portal “Znayu” famous forecaster Leonid Gorban, told the Ukrainians what to expect from the weather on Easter and may holidays.

Also “Znayu” wrote that on Sunday, 21 April, Catholics celebrate the most important holiday – Easter. We told the story of its origin, traditions and customs.


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