“I did not have the goal of becoming famous”: Oleksandr skychko said about life leading

Well-known TV presenter admitted, one of the artists sang on the backing vocals

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"У меня не было цели стать известным": Александр Скичко рассказал о жизни ведущего

Alexander Skichko

Alexander skichko schedule is painted literally on minutes. He leads three programs on TV – “Sravi way”, “Without panic” and “Divalign people.” In addition, works as a leading events and even manages to star in a movie.

Alexander skichko know all about life of stars, knows how to joke as anyone, and knows how to spend the holiday. In the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, a leading TV channel “Ukraine” has told about how the morning starts with the family how I met my wife and one of the artists sang on the backing vocals.

– Sasha, how to start your morning?

– Standard Wake up at half past seven. Not later, even if I have no business in the first half of the day. This allows me to plan the day. I love the morning of the day on Saturday or Sunday, we love the whole family to go somewhere for Breakfast, drink coffee, eat cheesecake or pancakes. On weekdays, in principle, do the same thing, but at home. Unless, of course, I have no job in another city.

"У меня не было цели стать известным": Александр Скичко рассказал о жизни ведущего

Alexander Skichko

– Did you wanted to be popular?

– I never had the goal of becoming famous by any means. But, I confess, I’m enjoying it. TV presenter without popularity is the host, who himself removes home video.

– How did your parents react to your desire to go into show business?

Well, since my dad is an economist, a brother of the economist, I have no choice, to be honest. But my father wanted me to sing! I remember one day we in Cherkassy came Ivan Popovych, who has a song in the forest. Whether to save, whether it was not his backing vocalists, picked up a kid, who stood on backing vocals, and opened his mouth, because it was a playback. I didn’t know any of his songs, only “the Gold of the Carpathians, gold songs”, and songs were like 20. I was told it does not matter, just stand and repeated “seven hundred and seventy-seven, seventy-seven,” no one will see. So I sang songs.

– Do you remember your first fee?

– It was a day of agriculture in the local Philharmonic. I was leading, wrote the script. This is actually quite a serious event, the regional Council, the Governor was present, gathered farmers. For this event I got 50 hryvnia. For six months, with such fees collected thousand. What to spend – don’t remember. But since then I realized that the scene and camera to my liking.

"У меня не было цели стать известным": Александр Скичко рассказал о жизни ведущего

Alexander skichko and Elizabeth yurusheva

Thanks to the profession you met my present wife – businesswoman Lisa Urusheva.

– In fact, we go way back, 10 years. Kiev – a small town, and we occasionally met at events. I she was repeatedly interviewed. Every time, when approached, said “Hello, my name is Alexander skichko”. She said – Yes, I remember your name. Then we had the opportunity to talk closer at one of the events, I then led the wedding of her friend. Lisa I really liked and I think it was mutual. Lisa is a unique person with a unique upbringing. It combines two incompatible quantities, for example, femininity, independence, commitment and good manners at the same time. She’s very honest. I many qualities to list that I love her very much.

You raise two children, but gossips about your fatherhood at such a young age do not cease.

We have a common daughter, Tata, and Lisa has a son Dan from her first marriage. He’s my stepfather, so I try to keep the balance – not to go to the territory his father, trying to be a Tribute to a friend and at the same time, which he would equal. He was always sympathetic to this.

– What you have more plans for the near future?

You can do business, and filmmaking and as a producer to develop, and as a Director, television presenter or actor. A lot of plans, I’ll talk about everything when the time comes.

We will remind that earlier the singer Olya Polyakova scared Alexander skichko.

Watch the video, Oleksandr skychko prepared copyright entertainment show “panic”:

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